Lockdown Pro iOS 7 becomes available for download, protect your apps and folders now

Lockdown Pro iOS 7

If you are someone who remains concerned about his or her privacy all the time then Lockdown Pro iOS 7 tweak is for you. This popular tweak recently got updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s enabling users to password protect their apps. Lockdown Pro has always been a favorite tweak for iOS jailbreakers and with its support for latest version its popularity is going to grow even more.

Lockdown Pro iOS 7 not only password protects any app but users can also activate password for any folder of their choice. It provides complete security with 256 bit encryption that is impossible to crack for average users.

Lockdown Pro iOS 7 (2)

One of the best features of this tweak is that it allows users to have different passwords for different apps and folders. This means you can share a password for a ‘Games’ folder with your friend without compromising the password of other more important apps or folders. There are tons of features of this tweak, which can be configured from settings that give full control to the users.

Apart from setting up a password users can also hide applications preventing them from appearing on the homescreen at all.

Other feature of this tweak include

  • Ability to block notifications from locked apps
  • Delay lock feature
  • Activator support for remote features
  • Choice for users to choose between alphabetic or numeric passwords
  • Lock any application from being deleted
  • and more…

You can download Lockdown Pro iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for $0.99 right now. It is available under the Bigboss repo.

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  1. Worked for a few minutes on my iTouch 5G but then whenever i start it…poof! Straight into Safe Mode! Then i have to remove it

  2. Previously purchased/used the iOS 5 & 6 version. Purchased the iOS7 on my iPad Mini Retina, but it doesn’t work (crash in settings) and it also messes up Flip Control Centre. Patiently waiting for the update. (A7 – 64bit) 😉

  3. A lot of people are reporting crashes and many problems. However, it is working great on my iPhone 4S. I guess it’s the newer devices which are having problems.

    1. I have an iPod touch on 7.1.1 and it works fine! I think you’re right. I believe it’s the A7 devices (iPad Air, iPhone 5s). Not too sure about A6 / A6X devices (iPad 4, iPhone 5).

  4. same for me with ipad air…. hoping for a fix soon, i have this running on my iphone 5 and it is great

  5. Don’t work with iphone 5 – 7.0.4 – after install all other tweaks turn off.
    Reinstall substrate after that – nothing change.
    This lock tweak is waste of time and have fake description – it’s not compatybile with any iPhone … they sell tweak that don’t work – maybe change description

    1. Marios, i have this running on my iphone 5 7.0.4 i think the issue is mainly with the A7 ARM64 devices (ipad air, iphone 5s). I agree that they do need to change the description, as it does not run on “ANY” iphone, ipod, ipad running ios 7. i have emailed thebigbossrepo, hopefully a fix is coming soon

  6. Works on Iphone 5s, but still have some bugs. I disabled the touch ID on this app, but all my locked apps gets unlocked with a single touch id. Sometimes it really don’t open , but its rare. Most of the time, apps are getting unlocked with a touch even this option is disabled on app settings.

  7. It would be useful that each of alternative passwords have a touch id toggle. The touch id could work on apps locked by a certain password, and not work to apps locked by alternative password.

    1. As of today, LDP is still not 7.1.x compatible; I have switched to Cjori’s AppLocker (ModMyi) which has made some very nice improvements in the last 6-12 months that make them very similar in features. Hope it helps you out~

  8. LDP was working perfect on ios7 nut after upgrade to ios8 i have only errors. Has anyone The same exprience. Or any advise?

  9. I have hidden the most valuable pics in the apps hidden pictures features but when the app was accidentally removed nd I uninstalled the app none of my pics recovered plz help to recover my pics

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