Luca Todesco Issues Warning For iPhone 7 Users Waiting For iOS 10 Jailbreak

It seems like forever since we have been waiting for the release of iOS 10 jailbreak. Luca Todesco has already released his yalu jailbreak, however it is still in beta and unstable. While his jailbreak works on iOS 10.2 in addition to earlier versions on most devices, yalu does not support iOS 10.2 running on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The hacker developing the jailbreak recommended that users with the latest iPhones should stay on iOS 10.1.1 if they want to jailbreak.

Now that iOS 10.2.1 has been released and soon Apple will stop signing iOS 10.2, Luca has issued a warning for those iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users who had previously upgraded to iOS 10.2 and were not able to downgrade to iOS 10.1.1 due to signing window getting closed by Apple. According to Luca the best iOS version for iPhone 7 users waiting for iOS 10 jailbreak is iOS 10.1.1 as this version completely works with yalu.

However if you happen to be running iOS 10.2 on iPhone 7 and are thinking of upgrading to iOS 10.2.1, then don’t. iOS 10.2 is better than iOS 10.2.1 and has more chances of getting a jailbreak in the future, as kernel exploit still works on it. Same is not true for iOS 10.2.1 as Apple has fixed the kernel exploit that Luca was using the latest version of its mobile operating system.

So to summarize if you want to jailbreak iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: iOS 10.1.1 is the best. iOS 10.2 is second best as it has kernel exploit, it ‘might’ get jailbreak support in the future. iOS 10.2.1 is a no go.

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