Unofficial Details About Pricing Of Wireless Charging AirPods Emerge

Apple AirPower Mat

During its many product announcements at the September 12 event Apple also talked about the new version of its AirPods albeit briefly. The only difference between the original and AirPods 2.0 is the fact that the later has a case that supports Qi wireless charging. So you will be able to wireless charge the AirPods case by simply placing them on a mat alongside your iPhone 8 and Watch Series 3. The AirPods right now can only be charged with a lightning cable.

The details about the new AirPods have been scarce until now. However today 9to5Mac is claiming to have heard from ‘those in the know’, who have revealed important details about its availability. According to the website the Wireless charging AirPods case will not only support the original AirPods but will also be available for purchase separately for those who already own AirPods.

According to the rumor the wireless charging capable case alone will cost $69, which is same price as what Apple charges customers for replacing a lost case. So basically you are getting an upgrade with the replacement.

The report further notes that it is possible that Apple will start selling the AirPods that come with the wireless charging case for new buyers. So if you purchase a new pair of AirPods at the same price of $159 you will get wireless charging functionality. It is also possible that Apple could start selling AirPods in both the normal case and wireless charging cases, charging more for the wireless charging option in typical Apple fashion.

Apple is not launching the AirPods case with wireless charging capability this year as its website notes it will be available in 2018 along with the AirPower Mat wireless charging accessory for the new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 3. We will know more when that happens.

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