Video allegedly shows fully working iPhone 6 compared with iPhone 5s

A new video claiming to showcase a working of model of upcoming iPhone 6 has surfaced on the web. What makes this video different from the ones that were released before is that it shows a fully working unit of iPhone 6 and compares it with an iPhone 5s. In the video, the guy who is speaking in Mandarin unlocks the device using Touch ID, takes photos and compares the quality with the camera of the previous generation iPhone, compares performance as well as makes comparison between their hardware.

As far as the legitimacy of the video goes it does looks pretty convincing, however don’t believe it on our word, watch and decide for yourself. As we have seen in previous years such videos do appear days before the release of the new Apple device and most of them turn out to be fake. Even the Touch ID bit demonstrated in the video embedded above can easily be faked. Also, its not surprising for a Chinese knockoff to have a Touch ID sensor as many of them have it but they don’t work as the real thing.

Even if this video is not showcasing a real Apple device it is still interesting to watch since the device it features matches the information that is already available about the upcoming smartphone.

We will know for sure how iPhone 6 looks like and everything about its features when it is finally announced on Tuesday’s Apple event. Along with the iPhone the company is also expected to launch iWatch or whatever it is called. We will  be covering all the announcements from the event so stay tuned. (9to5Mac)

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