You Can Get Second Generation AirPods For $140 On Amazon

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The second generation AirPods with charging case normally sell for $159. However if you are looking to buy a pair of new AirPods without the wireless charging case, then we have a sweet deal for you. The newly released truly wireless headphones from Apple are currently selling for just $139.99 on

If you hurry up now you can get a noticeable $20 discount on AirPods 2, getting them for a very reasonable price of $139.99. This is a very low price compared to what Apple itself is selling them for and the lowest they have ever been offered on Amazon.

You can purchase AirPods 2nd generation at $140 at this link. The only downside is that the headphones will not be coming with the fast Amazon Prime delivery as according to the product page they will ship in 2 to 4 weeks.

Sadly no discount is being offered on the wireless charging case edition of the AirPods, and they are still selling for the usual $199.99.

If you are still doubtful about whether you should buy the AirPods or not, then do read our first impressions here. In my first impressions article I gave my perspective of buying and using the AirPods for the first time since their original release. It is definitely worth a read for those buying these headphones for the first time.

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