Your next Mac could feature Touch ID fingerprint sensor


If you have been wondering why Apple hasn’t included Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which has been immensely popular and useful on iOS devices on Macs, then you are certainly not alone. Now it seems like a Touch ID sensor for Mac might become reality sooner than later as Apple has been granted a patent for fingerprint sensor in laptops. Interestingly, the patent was filed back in 2007, around the same time as original iPhone’s release. The details about the patent applications have been revealed by PatentlyApple, which has also shared an image that accompanied the patent application and looks amusingly outdated.

Now that the company has finally been granted the patent after all these years, it would be interesting to see when we can see it getting implemented on the Macbooks and other models. It would also be interesting to see how Apple integrates the sensor on the devices. On the iPhone, you can use Touch ID fingerprint sensor not only for unlocking your iPhone or iPad but also to authorize App Store purchases and Apple Pay payments, among other things. We can think of tons of things that can make use of Touch ID, including signing into web services through Safari.

Mac Touch ID patent

Apple recently introduced new Mac accessories, none of which unfortunately feature the Touch ID functionality. We suspect this would be the big Mac feature of 2016. What do you think? Would having Touch ID on Macs make them more secure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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