YouTube Mobile Website’s Picture-In-Picture Support Returns

Listen To YouTube Audio Background

Listen To YouTube Audio Background

Right after the official iOS 14 release last month YouTube’s mobile website dropped support for new operating system’s new Picture-In-Picture feature, which allows users to watch videos in a floating window while they use other apps.

We reported about a few workarounds that let users watch YouTube videos in Picture-In-Picture by requesting the desktop version of their site or using Siri Shortcuts. However today YouTube has re-enabled support for PiP on its mobile website by default and now allows users to watch videos even after exiting Safari browser.

The support is back in Safari as well as Chrome for iOS and Firefox browsers. Now users can simply play any video in full screen and either exit the browser to get PiP window or tap on the PiP icon to put the video in Picture-In-Picture mode while continuing to browse other websites. We cannot confirm whether the Picture-In-Picture support is permanent or it will be disabled like from the backend like before.

As expected YouTube has still not added PiP support to its official iOS app, which still does not offer this functionality even to YouTube Premium subscribers. According to reports YouTube has tested Picture-In-Picture mode support on its iOS app but has yet to make any official announcements on whether the feature will be rolled out to public or not. (TheVerge)

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