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SpyStealth app

So you want to keep a track of what your children are doing, or what one of your workers is doing with their phone? There are many pieces of software out there, but none of them quite stands up to the SpyStealth cell phone tracking software. While the software allows you to get detailed information such as who they call, at what times and for how long, it also has many other features you may find useful.

Message Monitoring

SpyStealth allows you to monitor SMS and MMS messages, both in terms of who is receiving them and also content, as well as allowing you to track messages sent through other applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Instagram, Skype , iMessage and more other, so there is no danger of overlooking anything. It also allows you to track any activity on social media, which covers the other alternative to instant messaging. It goes even further, enabling you to monitor any sent or received messages through Gmail, will send you a link to any YouTube video watched on the tracked device and will allow complete monitoring of web history.

Monitoring and Blocking

If monitoring your child or worker isn’t enough for your needs, SpyStealth will allow you to block any application on the tracked device remotely, or restrict the use of programs as necessary. You can also receive alerts on your own device if profanity is used, or if the tracked device is used to contact, or is contacted by someone particular. You can also use SpyStealth Login Control Panel to lock or wipe the target device if needed.

General Monitoring

SpyStealth offers a wealth of features that allow you to track the general use of the device, beyond messaging and application usage. Using the software, you can view any photos taken using the tracked device, and can all contacts stored on the device, and even any notes, allowing you keep complete track of anyone the user of the device is able to contact. SpyStealth can even help you keep track of where your child or worker is or has been by using GPS tracking. The software allows you to view a map of all visited places (provided that place has GPS signal), so you can pinpoint exactly where your child or worker has been, or currently is.

The SpyStealth phone tracking software is compatible with all major operating systems including Android and Apple devices. The software will show an icon after installation, allowing the user of the device to know they are being monitored, but this has the option to be hidden during installation. Once the software is set up on the device that is to be tracked, any data will be sent to your SpyStealth online account, allowing you to view any previous activity, and lso to track current activity in real time. The SpyStealth team is also available 24/7 to offer support, answer any queries or help solve any issues. The application is continuously updated so you can be sure it will be up to date with all of the latest available features. SpyStealth is used extensively, and boasts 500,000 customers in over 150 nations, so you can be sure the software is the best to help ensure your children’s wellbeing and safety, or to keep track of workers.

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