RingLax Case For iPhone 15 Pro Max Has A Versatile Kickstand That Doubles As A Phone Grip (Review)

If you are looking for a versatile case for your iPhone 15 Pro Max, then you might want to read our review of the JSAUX RingLax Case for iPhone 15. This is an all-in-one case that not only provides all-around protection for your device but also offers a built-in kickstand feature for a comfortable hands-free experience and a phone ring that lets you hold the iPhone securely.

I have been using the RingLax case for iPhone 15 Pro Max on my iPhone for over a month now, and I am ready to give you my honest opinions about this case complete with things I like about this case and things I don’t like. So buckle up, as we dissect the good and bad about the RingLax Cases.

Design and Durability

RingLax Case for iPhone 15 aims to be your all-in-one iPhone case. It lives up to these expectations thanks to a built-in kickstand, which we will talk about in detail in the next section. But first, let’s take a look at the case’s design and looks.

RingLax case provides military-grade drop protection for all sorts of extreme drops due to its 4-in-1 unibody shockproof back and airbag cushioning. These sorts of protective measures are enough to protect your iPhone from your daily drops and bumps to major drops on tiled floors.

This case features raised lips and bezels on both the front side and the camera bump to protect your device’s screen and camera lenses from scratches when the iPhone is placed on a flat surface.

Despite the rugged nature of the case and the military-grade protection it provides to your iPhone, the case still manages to look good. It is made up of three materials that include TPU, PC, and stainless steel. The case only weighs 50g, so it does not add any major weight to your device.

RingLax case feels nice in hand with the rubber-like finish on the sides offering a nice grip while the frosted back adds a unique look to the device.

The RingLax Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max is MagSafe compatible, which means your MagSafe charger and other MagSafe accessories will stick to your device without any problems.

Kickstand and phone grip

The built-in kickstand is one of the main highlights of this case. This is no ordinary kickstand, as it also doubles as a phone grip ring that lets you hold your iPhone securely in your hand while shooting photos, selfies, or recording a video. The phone grip also comes in handy when you are holding multiple items in your hands along with your iPhone.

The kickstand is quite versatile as it enables you to put the iPhone in both landscape and portrait orientations. So no matter if you are on a FaceTime call, watching a YouTube video, or enjoying Instagram reels, this kickstand has got your back.

You can move the kickstand in 180-degree rotation and it also offers a 360-degree dual-position rotational adjustment, giving you full control over its angles.

Concerns for MagSafe and wireless charging

The kickstand on the RingLax case offers many benefits as I have highlighted in the previous section, however, it has a major disadvantage that might make this case annoying to use for some.

The RingLax case’s kickstand gets in the way of the MagSafe accessories and Qi wireless chargers. While you can rotate the kickstand sideways and connect your MagSafe charger to your device, you will still find it difficult to use MagSafe accessories such as MagSafe wallets or MagSafe power banks with this case.

Having said that I didn’t find the kickstand to be annoying, which is mostly because I only use a MagSafe charger with my iPhone and don’t use MagSafe accessories with it. However, if you do use MagSafe accessories, then this is something you will need to consider before buying this case.

Colors, pricing, and availability

You can buy the RingLax Case for iPhone 15 Series for all four models of iPhone. This includes iPhone 15 Pro Max (reviewed), iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15. The case is available in Black, White, and Blue color options.

You can buy the RingLax case for the iPhone 15 Series for $19.99 from the official website here.

My experience of using the RingLax Case for iPhone 15

Before writing this review I used the RingLax case for iPhone 15 Pro Max on my iPhone for over a month. During this time I dropped my iPhone several times. While the drops were not that extreme, the case did a wonderful job of protecting the device. The raised lips on the case, which have become an essential feature for cases nowadays gave me peace of mind when placing the device on a rough surface, especially when the device was lying upside down.

I particularly became aware of the versatile kickstand, that doubles as a phone grip for holding the device. You can open the kickstand and place one finger inside the ring to securely hold the phone. This is great when you are doing grocery runs and have bags in both your hands. This also makes holding the device super easy as you can steadily hold the device without worrying about dropping it while taking selfies or recording videos.

The kickstand also works great for watching videos and video calls and offers a wide range of flexibility when it comes to viewing angles.

One thing that I am not particularly a fan of is the cutout for the Action button, which makes this button deep and difficult to press. In my opinion, instead of a cutout, JSAUX should have added a physical button, similar to the buttons we get for the volume up, volume down, and power button.

The case makes a compromise when it comes to MagSafe compatibility. The magnets on the case do a great job of attaching to the MagSafe charger. However, the compromise becomes apparent when you try to use a MagSafe power bank, MagSafe wallet, or a MagSafe stand in this case. Due to the placement of the kickstand bracket, you cannot use these MagSafe accessories with this device. While this was not an issue for me, this is certainly something that would bother those who rely on such MagSafe accessories daily.

I like the overall design, practicality, and durability of this case. Out of all three colors I chose to use the Blue color, as it matched my Titanium Blue iPhone 15 Pro Max perfectly. Based on my experience I recommend this case for anyone who is looking for a durable yet practical case and does not mind its limited MagSafe compatibility.


We rate this case 8 out of 10.

JSAUX RingLax Case for iPhone 15

JSAUX RingLax Case for iPhone 15
8 10 0 1
JSAUX RingLax Case for iPhone 15 is a unique iPhone case that features built-in kickstand functionality and a phone grip.
JSAUX RingLax Case for iPhone 15 is a unique iPhone case that features built-in kickstand functionality and a phone grip.
Total Score
Very good


  • Great design
  • Versatile Kickstand
  • Bonus Phone Grip
  • Soft press premium buttons
  • Affordable price


  • Limited MagSafe compatibility
  • Cutout makes it difficult to press the Action button.
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