Best Nightlights You Can Control With iPhone

In this blog, we discuss the best nightlights for iPhones. Customizable, convenient, and tailored to your preferences, these nightlights ensure a hassle-free bedtime routine.

Who hasn’t experienced that moment of desperately needing a bit of light but not wanting to disturb the peaceful ambiance of your room? Nightlights are handy, sure, but being confined to one light color? No thanks. And seriously, who’s up for leaving the comfort of a cozy bed to switch it off in the wee hours if need be? 

Enter iPhone-compatible nightlights, swooping in to solve these nocturnal woes.

So, if you’re a parent navigating late-night baby duties, a student burning the midnight oil, or just someone who simply appreciates a smart nightlight, listen up. You don’t have to stumble in the darkness, nor do you need to squint at textbooks in the dark anymore. This, right here, is the perfect solution for you. 

Transform Your Sleep Sanctuary with Nightlights for iPhone Users

Nightlights make your nighttime routine seamless, personalized, and dare we say, a tad bit futuristic. So, let’s dive in and explore the eight best options you’ve got. 

1. Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine

Bedtime routines just became better with Hatch’s Rest Baby Sound Machine iPhone nightlight. We know, sound machine and nightlight? It’s an updated 2nd gen sound machine that’s also a Wi-Fi-enabled sleep wizard. The reason it’s hailed as one of the best nightlights for iPhone is the extensive collection of sleep sounds.

Ranging from classic white noise and calming ocean waves to the gentle rustle of wind and comforting heartbeat rhythms, you’re spoiled for choice. And if you get the Hatch+ membership, it opens up a treasure trove of additional content.  

With infinite hues at your fingertips, you can create the perfect ambiance for your little one’s sleep haven. Thanks to the Time-to-Rise and Time-for-Bed features, you can program the color and sound to sleep train, helping your little one build a healthy bedtime routine.

The best part is that you can adjust settings, set timers, or control volume and nightlight with just a tap on your iPhone.

Buy the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine for $69.99 here.

2. BlissLights BlissEmber Nightlight

Bring the cosmos to your room with the BlissLights BlissEmber Nightlight with iPhone app. We’re gonna start off with variety as BlissEmber ensures you’re not stuck with a single shade. Dive into a world of millions of colors, thanks to color-shifting modes that let you set the mood just right.

And here’s where it gets even better – the adaptive lighting and motion sensor. Activate auto mode for lighting that adjusts to your needs, coupled with motion sensing capabilities. You can smoothly transition between soft colors or a steady glow, as needed.

Moreover, it also helps foster a healthy sleep routine. You can set lighting routines to enhance your sleep and kickstart your mornings with a sunrise wake-up light. As night falls, ease into it with soothing colors using the timer settings.

However, it’s the BlissHome app that makes it one of the best nightlights for iPhone. Why? It’s your command center that gives you complete control over the lights in your home.

Buy the BlissLights BlissEmber Nightlight for $14.99 here.

3. VOCOlinc Smart Humidifier & Nightlight

Combat dry air and sleep peacefully with the VOCOlinc Smart Humidifier & Nightlight. This smart humidifier takes voice control to a whole new level, seamlessly integrating with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit Home.

Gone are the days of manual adjustments. Now, you can fine-tune humidity levels, fan speeds, and even light options with just a few words, marking it as the best nightlights for HomeKit.

With access to a whopping 16 million different hues, you can set the mood for any room. Plus, with 1 million lighting effects, you can turn your space into a dazzling display of light, choosing from fades, pulsations, or rhythmic patterns. Best nightlight for iPhone? You got it right here. 

As for the humidifier, the auto-target humidity function monitors and adjusts humidity levels according to your preferences. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose mist from three different levels: low, medium, and high. When the water level runs low, it automatically shuts off, eliminating any worries about the humidifier running dry.

Buy the VOCOlinc Smart Humidifier for $49.99 here.

4. Govee RGBIC Table Lamp

Unleash creativity with the Govee RGBIC Table Lamp nightlight for iPhone users. The standout feature? A brilliant DIY mode that lets you become the artist of your ambiance. Using the Finger Sketch feature on the app, you can draw unique color patterns, making your smart lamp a canvas of your festive lighting dreams. 

Do you know what adds to its charm? The 43 Scene modes are tailored for various occasions. Moreover, this RGB lamp is buddies with Alexa and Google Assistant. And for the music lovers among us, the built-in mic in this bedroom lamp is a winning feature.

It seamlessly syncs with any music genre allowing you to choose from 4  different music modes. Lastly, what makes it one of the best nightlights for iPhone is the schedule feature. You can program it to power on or off automatically and adjust its brightness as you wish.

Buy the Govee RGBIC Table Lamp for $59 here.

5. Globe Electric Smart Ambient Night Light

Step into the future with the best nightlights for 2024 – the Globe Electric Smart Ambient Night Light. You don’t need a hub to use this one. It’s as simple as downloading the GLOBE SUITE App, connecting to your Wi-Fi, and syncing your ambient night light. Forget about the hassle of additional hubs as this one keeps things streamlined and user-friendly.

With the Voice Control feature, you can effortlessly command your night light using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri. But the convenience starts with the scheduling option.  Whether it’s setting up bedtime and wake-up schedules or activating vacation mode to create the illusion of an occupied home when you’re away – it’s all at your fingertips.

Moreover, grouping takes the experience of the best nightlight for iPhone a step further. Individually adjust your smart items or synchronize the lighting of multiple devices in a room with ease. The GLOBE SUITE App allows you complete control anytime, anywhere.

Buy the Globe Electric Smart Ambient Night Light for $17.59 here.

6. LB3 Smart Lamp

Enhance your room’s aesthetics with the LB3 Smart Lamp and iPhone nightlight. With smartphone control through the Go_sund App, managing your smart home has never been more convenient. Simply connect the lamp to the app and enjoy the freedom to power on/off, dim brightness, and change colors effortlessly. 

What sets the LB3 Smart Lamp apart among the best nightlights for iPhone is the creative built-in touch sensor. A simple double-tap on the top of the lamp powers it on or off, while the slide area allows manual adjustments to brightness and colors.

The front button facilitates the swift transition between white and color modes, ensuring that control is literally at your fingertips. Moreover, dive deeper into the LB3 Smart Lamp’s capabilities, and you’ll discover a spectrum of 16 million colors at your disposal. The lamp also offers eight preset scenes, allowing you to customize settings like multiple colors, brightness levels from 1% to 100%, and color-changing speed.

Buy the LB3 Smart Lamp for $17.99 here.

7. One Fire Baby Night Light

One Fire Baby Night Light offers a whopping 480 lighting effects, a dazzling combination of 10 brightness levels and 48+ colors. Whether it’s the soft glow for nighttime feeding or a vibrant hue to create a cheerful ambiance, this nightlight with iPhone app has got it covered. However, one of the best aspects is its all-night companion role.

With a soft warm light, it becomes your baby’s faithful cuddly pillow pal, easing the fear of the dark. More importantly, the rechargeable 3000mAh battery ensures it stays by your side all night long, providing a sense of security for the little ones.

You can manage this smart lamp either by a simple touch or through your iPhone using the app. Furthermore, the app lets you customize light colors, and sound combinations and even serves as a sunrise alarm clock. Speaking of alarms, it has an auto-timer feature, allowing you to set the duration before it bids the night goodbye, making it one of the best nightlights for iPhone.

Buy the One Fire Baby Night Light for $23.91 here.

8. NexiGo Smart Table Lamp

Upgrade your bedside companion with the NexiGo Smart Table Lamp, one of the best nightlights for HomeKit. In addition to 350-lumen eye-friendly diffused lighting, you get three shades of adjustable brightness, ranging from warm to cool (2000K-6500K), catering to various moods and needs. And when it comes to user convenience, this smart lamp takes the cake. 

Touch control reigns supreme here—simply tap on the top to turn it on or off. But here’s where it becomes one of the best nightlights for iPhone: hold that tap for two seconds and you activate the Night Light mode.

Dim enough for a peaceful night’s sleep yet bright enough to navigate through a darkened house, it’s a game-changer for those midnight strolls. Moving on, the NexiGo Smart Table Lamp boasts timers and a memory function that’s your personal lighting assistant. It not only retains your preferred settings but also allows you to create schedules, timers, and countdowns effortlessly using the dedicated app.

Buy the NexiGo Smart Table Lamp for $14.99 here.

Nightlights, iPhone-Style.

Feeling calm? Set the perfect hue. Need a guiding light for those midnight escapades? Your iPhone’s got your back. From adjusting the ambiance without leaving your bed to ensuring your whole house isn’t bathed in unnecessary light, these are the best nightlights for 2024 to make life a whole lot easier.

Now, tell us, fellow night-dwellers, what’s your take on the eight best nightlights for the iPhone we mentioned above? Drop your thoughts below.

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