Totallee Thin Leather Case For iPhone X [Review]

We have reviewed almost every Totallee iPhone case released in the past, you can read our reviews here, herehere and here. So naturally when Totallee became one of the first companies to release an iPhone X case, we had to get our hands on it. For the review we got a Thin Leather case in mocha color. The case arrived before my iPhone X did, and I have been using it since that very day.

My first impressions with the Totallee Thin Leather case for iPhone X were generally good. The case came in a nice minimalistic packaging that made the unboxing experience even more fun. Once the case was out of the packet it sat in my work desk drawer for about 10 days, until I finally got my hands on the iPhone X. After unboxing my iPhone X the first thing I did was to put the device inside the Thin Leather case.

The iPhone X fit right into the thin case, in fact it fit in so well that after a few moments I nearly forgot that there’s a case on the device. While the device was not looking as beautiful as it did without the case (it never does) the thin leather case did a decent job at not adding too much bulk to it thanks to its super thin profile of 0.02-inches.

After some time the look of the case grows on you and you forget that you even have it on.

Unlike most other ‘thin’ cases that are available in the market, the Thin Leather case has a patch of genuine leather on its back. This not only gives the case a more premium look but it also makes it less slippery, providing good grip to your hand. The case has appropriately sized cutouts for buttons, ports, cameras and speakers and you will have no problems in attaching the charging cable to your phone.

As far as protection goes, do keep in mind that thin cases have their limitations. So while you shouldn’t expect this case to protect your device when you drop it from 3 or more feet and on the concrete floor, in my experience these cases are more capable of protecting the iPhone than from just day to day scratches.

The only thing I personally am not a fan of is the mocha color. People around me who saw the case also had mixed reactions, so if you are not really into the mocha color I would go for the black option.

Totallee Thin Leather case for iPhone X comes in mocha and black colors and cost $29. You also get a 2 year warranty, which is always a plus. You can buy this iPhone X case here.

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