Show your support for Apple with these Apple vs. FBI Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Macbook

There is an ongoing battle going on between Apple and the FBI, in which the later is asking Apple to give them access to a killer’s iPhone. While FBI demand seems justified in this instance, Apple is fighting against the request as it would set a dangerous precedent of governments asking Apple as well as other companies to give them access to password protected smartphones. If you have chosen your side and are supporting Apple, then we have got some exclusive wallpapers for you that you can use to show your support for your favorite tech company, and for the iPhone encryption itself, which ensures our privacy and freedom. (learn more about the issue here).

Below you can find two wallpapers that have been resized for different resolutions. Just right click on the images and save them. If you are on an iOS device, then simply tap and hold on them to save. You can find the wallpapers for iPhone 6s/6, iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPad and Retina Macbook Pro. You can even find a Display picture for your social media accounts. Go ahead and make a statement. (Wallpapers by Hadi)

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

F FBI Apple iPhone 6s (2)

F FBI Apple iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus

F FBI Apple iPhone 6s Plus (2)

F FBI Apple iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 5s/5/5c

F FBI Apple iPhone 5s 2

F FBI Apple iPhone 5S


F FBI Apple iPad (2)

F FBI Apple iPad wallpaper 1

Macbook Retina Display (2880×1880)

Support Apple wallpaper Macbook

Retina Wallpaper macbook

Twitter/Facebook display picture

twitter dp

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