Download Apple Store Wallpapers Featuring The Colorful Apple Logo

This year Apple is doing a lot of things differently. For example, this year the company decided to leak information about its products just hours before their official announcement. However that is not the only thing that is different this year, as today Apple has also used a different placeholder webpage than previous years for its online store.

While in previous we only got the boring ‘Be Right Back’ text on Apple Store website, this year the company is using a cool animated graphic. The graphic that turns into a colorful Apple logo can be seen here. We liked the graphic so much that we decided to turn it into wallpapers for different iPhone models. If you think the same, and would love to use them as your device’s wallpaper, then we have got you covered.

Below you can find the Apple Store ‘Be Right Back’ Wallpaper featuring the colorful Apple logo. Although the logo is not animated like it is on Apple’s website, it still looks good. You can find four different wallpapers below, suitable for iPhone X as well as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Two of these wallpapers feature the full Apple logo while the other two only show a part of it.

Simply tap and hold on these wallpapers to save them on your iOS device, and then apply them as wallpaper from Photos app.

iPhone X Wallpaper (Full)

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Wallpaper (Full)

iPhone X Wallpaper (Half)

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Wallpaper (Half)

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