How To Get Animated iPhone X Ink Live Wallpapers On Any iPhone [Tutorial]

iPhone X has some exclusive Live Wallpapers that animate when you force press on its screen. These Ink Live Wallpapers are actually really pretty and have been featured on Apple’s ‘Meet iPhone X’ video. If you want to have these iPhone X live wallpapers on your older iPhone such as iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s etc then we have got you covered.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can copy iPhone X’s Ink wallpapers to any iPhone and apply them as Animated Live Wallpaper. The wallpapers will animated when you hard press on your screen. Before we start, make sure you download the free intoLive app on your iOS device. It will allow you to convert GIF into Live Photo.

Since the wallpapers need to be in Live Photo format to be able to animate, the process is not as simple as saving an image to your iPhone. However there are two easy ways of transferring iPhone X’s Animated Ink Live Wallpapers to your iPhone. Read about them below.

Method 1: Transfer iPhone X Live Wallpapers With Computer (Better Quality)

  1. Open these links and download the Live Wallpapers on your computer: (Blue Ink, Orange Ink, Pink Ink, Box wallpaper)
  2. Once they have been downloaded transfer them to your iPhone. Mac users can use AirDrop.
  3. Make sure the images are in your iOS device’s Photos app, once they are launch the intoLive app (Download).
  4. Make sure ‘Video’ is selected in the top navigation bar. Choose the video you just transffered to your iPhone.
  5. Tap on the ‘Next’ arrow button and then choose ‘No Repeat’ from the menu.
  6. Now tap on ‘Save Live Photos’ button.
  7. Once the Live Photo wallpaper has been saved to Photos, open it and apply as your wallpaper.

On the lockscreen pressure tap on the screen to see the wallpaper animate!

Method 2: Transfer iPhone X Ink Live Wallpapers To iPhone Without Computer

The second method we are going to share with you does not require a computer, so you can complete the whole process right on your iPhone and add iPhone X Live Wallpapers to your older iPhone. However with this method the quality of the wallpapers is compromised. We recommend you use method 1 for superior looking wallpapers.

  1. First of all download the free intoLive application on your iPhone.
  2. Save the GIF images given below on your iOS device (tap and hold to save).
  3. Once the image is saved into the Photos app, launch IntoLive app.
  4. Now from the top navigation bar tap on ‘Gif’ option.
  5. Choose the GIF you downloaded and hit the ‘Next’ arrow.
  6. When prompted, choose ‘No Repeat’ from the menu.
  7. Once the image has been created tap on ‘Save Live Photos’ button.
  8. Finally launch the Photos app and apply the Live Photo you created as your wallpaper.

Finally you can see the iPhone X live wallpaper in action when you pressure tap on the lockscreen of your iPhone!

Download Ink Wallpapers (for method 2 only)

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  1. I have a problem. The live photo works in my photos, but when I try to make it my wallpaper it doesn’t work. It just looks like a photo on my wallpaper.

  2. I can say this categorically DOES NOT work on an iPad Pro. Followed the instructions to the letter, and the images only animate in the Live Photo app, NOT in my photos, nor on my home screen (and yes, I am pressing them) are you sure you’ve tested this with iPads…? If so, what am I doing wrong…?

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