Best Game Controllers For iPhone And iPad

Best Game Controllers For iPhone

Here are some of the best game controllers for iPhone and iPad that you need to buy for an ultimate gaming experience on your iOS device. All of the are MFi controller, which means they will work with all games that support the MFi certification.

iPhone and iPad are a very capable gaming devices. And now with Apple Arcade both game developer and players have started to take iOS as a more serious gaming platform.

Admittedly one of the biggest weakness of iPhone and iPad as gaming devices is lack of physical gaming controls. Having tactile feedback that comes from pressing buttons enhances the gaming experience, and that is something players miss when playing big name games like PUBG, Among Us and others on their Apple devices.

Thankfully there are a number of great game controllers for iPhone and iPad, that enable users to play their favorite games with physical buttons. Playing games with these iPad and iPhone game controllers gives players a console like feel paired with the high graphics newer iPhones and iPads are able to deliver.

Here are the best Game controllers for iPhone and iPad you should be buying for 2020 and 2021. These game controllers should work with iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X and lower. All iPad models including iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pros are also supported.

SteelSeries Nimbus+ Mobile Gaming Controller

Best Game Controllers For iPhone

SteelSeries’ Bluetooth mobile gaming controller is officially licensed by Apple and thus it works with all Apple devices that include iOS, iPad, and tvOS. Its built-in rechargeable battery works 50+ hours on a single charge. Moreover, given its compatibility with thousands of games across the App Arcade and App Store, you can enjoy countless games. 

In order to make your gaming experience more exciting, the arrow buttons are upgraded to tactile click that gives you a superfast response. And if you have ever wished for clickable joysticks, they are just here! The clickable L3/R3 buttons give wider input options across various games. This is the best iPhone controller for PUBG as it provides a very console like gameplay experience.

You can buy the SteelSeries Nimbus+ Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller with iPhone mount for $59.99.

Note: in order to optimize its compatibility with all iOS devices, you need to download SteelSeries Engine from its website and update the controller. 

Rotor Riot MFI Game Controller

Rotor Riot brings the only MFI controller featured with L3/R3 functionality. With the wired controller, you won’t be uninterrupted by any lag time or delay. Now you can compete in your games swiftly with crystal clear pictures without any blur, glitch, or skip! Want more surprises? Well, you don’t have to worry about the battery and charging. Simply plug and play.

As Rotor Riot is compatible with more than 1,000 games, you can play the games of your own choice such as Fotnite, Call Of Duty (COD), and Madden 21. In order to download and sync your favorite games, you simply need to select games from Roto Riot app available on the App Store. This gamepad is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

This is the best iPhone controller for Minecraft and other games like it thanks to its console like layout.

You can buy the Rotor Riot MFi Gamepad controller for $49.99.

Razer Kishi Game Controller

Best Game Controllers For iPhone

For those who are looking for attention to detail and accuracy, Razer Kishi gamepad’s clickable analog joysticks give you the accuracy you are looking for. It is certainly one of the best iOS gaming controller out there.

Razer Kishi gamepad’s D-pad ensures that your inputs are super fast and accurate. The best thing about this mobile game controller is that its stretched and flexible body is easily fitted on various mobile phones as well as tablets. The strong and secure hold ensures your devices are safe and will not fall off the gamepad. 

A wireless Bluetooth game controller for iPhone might lag in functionality and input. But Razer Kishi gamepad is directly connected to your device’s charging port that ultimately gives you seamless button responses. If you are running out of battery during the game, simply connect the charger with the gamepad and your device will be on charging.

The body of this iPhone and iPad game controller is exclusively designed for passionate gamers who love playing games for long hours. Its ergonomic design and strategically-placed buttons ensure that your hands don’t get tired even after playing games for hours.

You can buy Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller for $99.99.

YOBWIN 4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller

This six-fingers game controller gives you more control over your game. That means you can aim, move, and shoot in the left and right direction simultaneously. Now you can operate various moves in your game such as aim, jump, open backpack, fall down, etc., smoothly and accurately. 

Your phone can get overheated by playing games such as PUBG, Fotnite, COD, Knives Out, Battle Royale, etc. Thus, the silent cooling fan ensures your device stays cool and the battery does not drain. Moreover, you can connect the charging port during the game – without any risk of interruption to your gaming session. For PUBG lovers, its ergonomic shape sits well in your hands without any fatigue. 

With YOBWIN’s game controller you don’t have to fret about the size of your phone as it is compatible with 4.7” to 6.5” sized phones. This gamepad comes with a multi-angle adjustable stand which also serves the purpose of holding your mobile while you watch a movie. 

You can buy the YOBWIN Mobile Game Controller at an affordable price of $17.99.

Jackky Wireless Mobile Game Controller

Jackky’s wireless gamepad fits well on a 3.5” to 6.5” mobile phone as well as comfortable on your hands. It is compatible with both iOS 11.0 to13.3 and Android 4.0 devices such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and iPhone (XR, X XS, and 8). You can also use it with a Windows operating system. This wireless game controller is quite easy to connect with Bluetooth and can fit in your pocket easily. 

Jackky’s gamepad gives you highly precise responses as well as it is easy to move in any direction. In order to make its keys customized for mobile games, you need to download ‘ShootingPlus V3’ on the Apple store or Google Play. Its 350Mah rechargeable battery gives 15 hours of a gaming session. 

You can buy the Jackky Wireless Mobile Game Controller for $30.99.

Which one of the above-mentioned game controllers for iPhone and iPad you are likely to try? Share with us in the comments below.

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