Best HomeKit Compatible Door Locks For 2021

HomeKit Compatible Door Locks

Are you in search for the best HomeKit compatible door locks in 2021? Then look no further than the amazing options that we have gathered just for you.

These iPhone door locks allow you to lock and unlock your home or office’s door remotely using your iPhone. These HomeKit compatible door locks make user’s life easy by integrating with the Home app and allow users to control their door lock using Siri.

Read on to learn about some of the greatest smart door locks that you can control with your iPhone from companies like Yale, August, VOCOlinc, Kwikset and Eufy.

HomeKit Compatible Door Locks

Here are the best HomeKit compatible door locks that you should consider buying in 2021 and 2022.

1. Yale Assure Lock SL

HomeKit Compatible Door Locks

Securing one’s home is a top priority of everyone. And you can secure your home with Yale’s Assure SL Lock. This is one of best iPhone door locks out there, as you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere. 

And if you want to have voice control over your home’s doors, ask Siri to lock or unlock the door. In order to use Siri voice commands from anywhere set up a home hub via Apple TV or iPad. 

In case you don’t have a phone, you use the touchscreen of the smart door lock by entering the 8-digits pin code. Yale’s locks are one of the best smart door locks you can get. If you are worried about being locked out given a low battery, its 9V terminal for emergency charging acts as a troubleshooter. 

You can set up to 25 different pin codes, in case you want to share the lock’s access to others. If you forget to lock the door, its automatic locking system takes that worry away from your head.

You can buy the Yale Assure Lock SL for $199 at the link below.

2. August Smart Door Lock

August Smart Door Lock is uniquely designed with no keypad. However, it is smart and works with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Assistant, Airbnb, and others. This iPhone controlled smart door lock ensures a safe keyless entry and exit to and from your home.

You can also track who enters or leaves your home with your smartphone alone. It works with your current single-cylinder deadbolt.  

It easily attaches to your door’s deadbolt, and everyone can use their keys. Using the August app, you can send the guest key from anywhere. Also, you can grant access to anyone you want for a certain time.

It’s Door Sense feature also tells you whether the door is completely closed or locked. And when you leave home, it locks automatically and unlocks as you reach your home.

You simply need a screwdriver to install it on your door.

You can buy the August Smart Lock for $91 at the link below.

3. VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit Door Lock

HomeKit Controlled Door Locks

iPhone controlled smart door locks by VOCOlinc are stylish and HomeKit compatible. Its minimalist design is space-saving and practical. This smart lock works with iOS 13 and newer models. Going one step ahead from Yale door locks, you can set up to 30 users. The touchscreen panel has LED-backlit so that you can dial the pin code even if there is no light. 

Replacing the standard deadbolt lock fitting with the smart door lock is now easier than you think. The setup guide and cut-out template ensure you set up the lock without any hassle. With this smart door lock, you get complete privacy as your data is encrypted end-to-end between your iPhone and the lock. When it comes to the battery, it lasts up to 6-months. 

That being said you have full control of granting selective access to the people you want. And when you need to give limited-time access, the passcode expires after a certain time. Now you don’t have to worry about the spare keys or losing them. 

You can buy the Vocolinc Apple HomeKit Smart door lock for $109 at the link below.

4. Eufy Security iPhone Controlled Smart Door Lock

iPhone Controlled Smart Door Locks

Eufy Security iPhone door lock has a fingerprint locking system and can enter your home within 0.3 seconds. None can enter your home before you do! Moreover, you can connect the door lock with Wi-Fi to control your home’s security from anywhere using eufy’s Security App. 

Always in hurry? Don’t worry! Its built-in sensor makes it one of the best smart door locks in town. Why? It detects when the door is closed and automatically locks it every time when you leave. Be it using a fingerprint, keypad pin code, or the security app, you can choose the method of locking and unlocking the door.  

Speaking of its built quality, made up of zinc alloy and stainless steel frame, it withstands every condition for decades. 

The eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is available for $249 at the link below.

5. Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock

iPhone Controlled Smart Door Locks

Here is another iPhone door lock from Yale. Now you can lose your keys for a good reason! Use this iPhone controlled smart door lock via keypad or Yale Access app on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Forget the traditional locks and bulky keychains, and enjoy key-free access to your home. 

For a voice control function, connect it to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also works with Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, and other smart home systems. Also, a simple Wi-Fi Connect Bridge is sufficient so you don’t need to add any additional hub. 

Yale Assure HomeKit compatible door lock is easy to install on any door coupled with digital keys. Using digital keys, you can share temporary, scheduled, or permanent access with your friends and family and trustworthy people on your list. 

You can buy the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Smart door lock for $237 at the link below.

6. Kwikset 99189-004 Contemporary Premis Smart Door Lock

Last but certainly not the least on our list of HomeKit compatible door locks is a door lock from Kwikset.

Kwikset’s smart lock is one of the best smart door locks compatible with Apple devices. With Siri voice control on Kwikset’s door lock, you can check the lock history, and access remotely to monitor the activity from anywhere. Moreover, you can also control it using Kwikset Premise iOS app, Apple TV, or Apple Home Pod.

This smart lock with Secure Screen Technology has an optional alarm, auto-lock, and scheduled access for the set days and times. Whereas, the Smart Key Security protects your home from advanced break-ins and helps you re-key your lock within seconds. 

You can buy the Kwikset 99190-004 Contemporary Premis Smart Dock Lock for $222 at the link below.

Which of the iPhone controlled door locks mentioned above do you want to try in 2021? Share with us in the comments below.

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