AnyTrans Lets You Backup iPhone Without iTunes And Move WhatsApp Messages With Ease

Apple’s iTunes is largely considered a bloated software as this single application tries to do too many things. Due to its long list of features iTunes is often slow and confusing for new users. If you are someone who only uses iTunes to backup your iPhone or iPad, then there are options like AnyTrans that offer flexible backup solutions for iOS users. We have covered AnyTrans before as it is a well known tool for managing iPhone data. The tool has been around for 7 years and boosts over 10 million users. It is available on both macOS and Windows platforms.

With AnyTrans you can create full backups of your iOS device without relying on iTunes backups and Apple’s paid iCloud Backup service. And the backups created by this tool are more thorough, as it is able to backup 10 more types of data when compared with iTunes.

Creating local iPhone backups using AnyTrans is very simple as it allows users to backup their device and later restore those backups to a device with just a few clicks. It also offers convenient features like auto backups and wireless backups that wirelessly backup your device without the need of plugging it into your computer. You can also create multiple backups of your device based at different times and have the option to restore the backup of your choice at a later time.

One thing that AnyTrans can do and iTunes can’t is allowing users to view the content stored inside their iPhone backups. Users can selectively preview content such as messages, photos, contacts etc in their backup without restoring it to any device. They also have the option to transfer their desired content to a computer or iPhone without restoring full backup.

With a recent update AnyTrans has gained new features that allow users to transfer social media data. Currently the tool supports the most popular communication apps including WhatsApp, LINE and Viber. Using AnyTrans you can easily transfer chat messages and attachments from one iPhone to another. You can also backup your chat messages from these applications and restore them to your iPhone with a single click.

A new media downloader feature was recently added to AnyTrans as well, which makes it possible for users to download media files such as videos directly from their favorite website. Users can now search for YouTube videos directly through AnyTrans and download them. Before downloading a video you can choose from multiple resolutions and formats to make sure downloaded video meets your requirements. Users can also use the media downloader feature to download audio for their favorite YouTube videos, which is great for downloading musical content.

You can download and use AnyTrans to create backups of your device for free from their official website. However to restore a backup on an iPhone or transferring backup data will require you to have a paid license. You can buy a license for AnyTrans for $39.99.

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