Battery Life App Tells If iPhone’s Battery Has Wear, Shows Its Runtimes

The Battery Life app has been released for the second time and is now available for download. Previously the app was pulled from the App Store by Apple, however the developer was able to have it back on the store. Battery Life is a pretty useful app as it allows users to check their device’s runtimes. With this app you can see if there’s any defect with your iPhone’s battery and know if its time to have it replaced. Now of course it is unlikely that your brand new iPhone 7’s battery would have wear, but if you have a device older than 1 year, then battery issues are likely to happen.

The app according to the App Store description uses unique technique to identify defective batteries and tells the user when something is wrong. It will also advise you if you need to get your device’s battery replaced. In the application’s Runtime section you can see the estimated time for how long your iPhone will run based on Apple’s specification for the device adjusted by current charge and wear level of the battery. You can see runtimes for talk time, web browsing, video and audio playback as well as Standby.

You can download the Battery Life app from the App Store free using at the link below.

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