Facebook now lets you hide notifications on iPhone app

Facebook notifications hide

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature to its official iOS app, making it possible for its users to hide notifications from the ‘Notifications’ page using a swipe gesture. If you have a notification that you no longer wish to see, all you have to do is swipe left on it and then tap on the red ‘Hide’ button to get rid of it. In addition to that you can turn off notifications from any particular app by tapping on the grey ‘More’ button and then hitting the ‘Turn off notifications from this app’ button. The More button only appears on notifications that are from third-party Facebook applications and not from your friends.

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  1. Why does this feature not work on my iphone 6 plus? I have uninstalled the app.. re-installed it.. restarted phone. logged out of fb.. nothing. help!

    1. I’m guessing this was a limited beta feature. I had the option for a week or so and now it’s gone. I loved it though!

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