Instagram Now Lets Users Share Certain Stories With ‘Close Friends’ Only

Instagram is introducing a new feature to its iOS app that allows users to share special Stories with select few friends. The feature that is called ‘Close Friends’ makes it possible for Instagram users to choose their close friends with whom they want to share more intimate stories, which are not suitable for a wider audience.

Instagram has been testing this feature for a long time and is now finally rolling it out to worldwide user base. One of the main reasons why Instagram is brining the Close Friends feature is to provide users with an easy and safe way to share stuff with people they are actually friends with and filter out the wider audience. This is also going to help the company counter the ‘Finstagram’ trend in which teenagers would make would create separate accounts to post more personal Stories that they only want to share with close friends. Now with the new Close Friends feature such a workaround would not be needed.

If someone adds you to their ‘Close Friends’ and shares a story with you, their profile picture will appear with a green circle around it. The story will also carry a green badge letting you know this is a sensitive story shared with close friends only.

How to add people to Close Friends on Instagram

You can add people to your Instagram Close Friends by going to profile page and then accessing the ‘Close Friends List’ option in the side menu. The option should appear once the feature has been rolled out to your account, just make sure you are on the latest version of Instagram.

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