Top 5 iPhone Keyloggers in 2020

iPhone keylogger apps

iPhone keylogger apps

Do you know that it is possible to know what somebody else is typing? If you don’t, then it’s time you learned about a tool called the keylogger. This is a software that can record all the keystrokes made on the targeted phone.

Later, you can view the reports via the log files stored by the software. These days, keyloggers have developed to something else altogether. They can now record calls, show you someone’s location, and even get you social media activities.

We have such five iPhone keyloggers that can do wonders without being detected. Keep reading to see how easy it is to record someone’s keystrokes.

Before we kick-off our list, we would like to mention that for the proper functioning of Keylogger on iPhone or any iOS device it should be jailbroken as also pointed out by Spydrill. Now then let’s get started.

1. Spyic iPhone Keylogger (Best in 2020)

Spyic is a monitoring application that has been available for quite some time now. It has incredible features on it that have elevated it to the world’s recognition. Millions of people are now using it in more than 190 countries.

Among its features for iOS is the iPhone’s keylogger that captures every keystroke made on the targeted Apple device. The recorded keys are stored in secure log files that you can access via your account.


To get there, you have to set up Spyic on the targeted Apple device. It’s easier here since you only need the phone’s iCloud login details to proceed. Other things you may need to check on the device include turning off two-step verification and turning on iCloud syncing.

Once all that is verified, register an account on the Spyic website and verify the target device’s iCloud ID. Later, you will see a dashboard after a few minutes of synchronization. If you have noted, we have not mentioned related to jailbreaking. It’s because it’s a non-requirement here.

Once you have the target’s iCloud information, that will do. That is why Spyic is the best iPhone keylogger you will find. Everything from acquiring to getting the keylogger data is done online.

The control panel presenting the results is fully compatible with all browsers. That means you can view the data anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The fun part about using this keylogger is that it collects vital information such as authentication details.

Therefore, it’s the one tool you will want if you need to fetch usernames and passwords. The log files you get are arranged according to the application that demanded the keyboard input.

So, if you want to see what was typed under Gmail, visit the respective icon after accessing the files. All of this information is always secure from attackers. Spyic does not store them in its cloud. Instead, everything is discarded when you logout.

To start recording the keystrokes with Spyic, here are the steps you need for success.

How to Use Spyic iPhone Keylogger

Step 1: Make sure the targeted iPhone has iOS 7.0 or above. Get its iCloud ID to proceed.

Step 2: Register an account on the Spyic website, choose the Apple icon, and proceed to select a suitable plan. You will later receive an email confirming your purchase with all the relevant details.

Spyic tutorial

Step 3: Log in to your account and verify the targeted phone’s iCloud credentials. Next, select the device you want to record the keystrokes and wait for the synchronization.

Step 4: The dashboard will appear after the syncing. It will have all the useful features on the left menu.

To get the keystrokes, go to the keylogger at the bottom and click on it. All the typed reports will be there per application.

2. Spyier iPhone Keylogger

More sophisticated iPhone keyloggers also include Spyier. It can also record all the keystrokes on the targeted phone and deliver the data remotely. It does not need any jailbreaking tricks, and all you need to pursue is the iCloud login details.

Everything from the set up to receiving the keystrokes is done online. The dashboard showing you the results is compatible with all browsers. So, you only need an internet connection to access your account.

Since it uses the iCloud to record, the targeted user will never be aware.

3. Minspy iPhone Keylogger

Minspy is also another large monitoring package for iPhones that also includes the keylogger. It does not need jailbreaking, and it works with all iPhones with iOS 7.0 and above. Using Minspy is also easy.

Just get the iCloud ID of the targeted iPhone and verify it on the main website after registration. Later, the typed keystrokes will be under the keylogger link. You can use any device to access the results since the control panel is fully compatible with all browsers.

4. Spyine iPhone Keylogger

If you want the latest keylogger for the recent iPhone releases, you can go for Spyine tool. It’s a package with a lot of iPhone monitoring features, and that includes the keylogger.

For the keylogger, it will get you everything from the dialed numbers to the password typed when accessing Facebook. You only need the iCloud ID to proceed with no prior jailbreaking. Once you have the iCloud credentials, registration, and log file viewing happens online.

Other things you can monitor with Spyine include calls, messages, location, and browsing history.

5. Cocospy iPhone Keylogger

Lastly, we have the Cocospy keylogger, which also works on all iPhones with iOS version 7.0 or later. You don’t need any jailbreaking knowledge to use it. Once you have the culprit’s iCloud credentials, you are good to go.

Both registration and viewing the log files is done on Cocospy’s website. Accessing the results can also be done anywhere since the control panel is compatible with all browsers. Apart from keylogger, Cocospy has other features such as calls, SMS, social media, and SIM Card details.


Those are the top five iPhone keyloggers that you can rely on in 2020. In all of these you don’t need any jailbreaking tricks, and the access to the typed reports is online that makes it very convenient. Therefore, the targeted iPhone will receive no clue about something being fetched remotely.

Any doubts you have can be erased if you use Spyic as a testing example. Once you see how it works, it will be easy to use or recommend the rest to other interested users.

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