Microsoft’s Office finally comes to iPad with Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps

After years of speculations and leaks Microsoft has finally launched the Office for iPad apps and they are now available for download. The company has released three of the most popular Office suite apps for the Apple tablet, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store for free but require users to have Office 365 subscription just like the iPhone version.

While users will need to have the Office 365 subscription in order to edit or create documents they can view and present them using the applications without it. The Office for iPad apps feature full file fidelity with the desktop version and have support for formatting, touch handles as well as re-flowing.

The design of the apps looks pretty good and matches well with the iOS 7 interface. Judging by the looks of it the new Office apps look powerful and very usable.

Although Apple offers iWork for iOS, which directly competes with Office this release is certainly a good news for the company as it would boost iPad sales to businesses.

Here’s a brief overview of each Office app released for the iPad today.

Microsoft Word for iPad

Microsoft Word iPad 2

Word for iPad has most of the features available on the desktop version including ability for users to add images, tables, charts, foot notes, equations, formatting, ability to track changes, collaboration, fonts and more. Thanks to the sync feature users can start working on an document right from where they left on another device and vice versa.

Microsoft Word iPad 1

You can download it for free from the App Store. You will need Office 365 subscription in order to unlock edit and create functionalities.

Microsoft Excel for iPad

Microsoft Excel iPad 1

World’s most popular spreadsheet application is now on the iPad with all of its most used functionalities. Microsoft Excel for iPad features tables, charts, formulas, conditional formatting, comments, filtering, sorting and more that allow users to create, edit and view spreadsheets while on the go.

Microsoft Excep iPad 2

Just like Word, Excel also has the sync functionality that can be used to pick up from where you left. It also has a special ‘formula keyboard’ that can be used to enter numbers and formulas quickly. You can download Microsoft Excel for iPad for free from the App Store.

Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

Microsoft PowerPoint iPad 1

With PowerPoint for iPad you can create, edit and present slideshows without even working on them on your computer. You can also create on the computer and then edit as well as present using your iPad. PowerPoint for iPad allows users to add images, charts, transitions, animations, speaker notes, shapes, change fonts and more to their presentations on the go.

Microsoft PowerPoint iPad 2

It also has the sync feature, which means you can pick up where you left when you were working on a slideshow on the computer. PowerPoint for iPad is available for free in the App Store as well.

  • Download Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad
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