PhoneRescue Lets You Recover Lost Files From iPhone, iTunes Backup And More

Many of us have been in situations when we end up losing data due to a lost iPhone, system crash or our own dumb mistake. When this happens our most valuable data that includes messages, contacts, photos, notes, documents and other stuff gets lost never to be seen again. Thankfully a tool called PhoneRescue makes it possible for users to recover data from their broken iOS device, iTunes Backup and iCloud backup in just a few clicks.

Since PhoneRescue has the capability of recovering data from backups, it doesn’t even require you to have your iPhone in possession in order to perform the recovery. Great for when you have unfortunately lost your device permanently. PhoneRescue can also rescue files you accidentally deleted from your device. It retrieves deleted messages, contacts, calendars, call history or reminders from iTunes or iCloud Backups giving you access to data that you thought was lost forever.

You can preview the files before recovery and even recover deleted files directly on the iPhone or desktop, whichever option suits you the best. This makes the process much faster  especially when you are looking for a specific file.

From iCloud you can recover a wide range of data including messages, call history, contacts, notes, photos, videos, browsing history and bookmarks, App data, voicemail and more.

While data recovery is enough to make PhoneRescue a useful tool, it goes beyond that. With PhoneRescue you can also repair iPhone system data making it possible for you to revive a device that went dead due to an iOS crash. It can bring the device back to life from a failed recovery, issues caused by jailbreak or issues related to failed iOS upgrades.

Before you download and start using PhoneRescue with your iPhone, make sure you put the device in AirPlane mode, quit apps that run in the background, close iTunes and make sure the iPhone is connected properly with a USB cable.

Once the application is launched and your iPhone or iPad has been detected you will see four options in front of you. The options include ‘Recover from iOS Device’, ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’, ‘Recover from iCloud’ and ‘iOS Repair Tools’. You can also choose ‘iOS Repair Tools’ in case you are having troubles with the device itself. You don’t need your device if you are using iTunes or iCloud backup recovery. Choose your preferred option and you will get a list of available data options. When you choose a backup to recover data you will see a screen similar to the one in screenshot above. Here you can preview different files, read messages etc and then either export them to your computer or connected iOS device.

PhoneRescue is available for both macOS and Windows platforms and comes with a 60 day trial. You can purchase the single user license for $49.99 or save money by purchasing family license for 5 different PCs at a price of $69.99.

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