Speedy App Lets You Measure Internet Speeds Through Apple’s Servers

macOS Monterey features a new Network Quality tool that internally measures Internet connectivity of your Mac in the background. This background tool works in similar way as well known internet speed testing tools and measures a connection’s downloads speed, upload speed and responsiveness.

Developer Jordi Bruin has developed a small and free Mac menu bar app that takes advantage of the new network quality tool in macOS Monterey. This handy little app performs internet speed tests directly through Apple’s servers and displays speedtest results to the user in a menu bar popup.

The app’s developer says that his app uses Network Quality tool of macOS Monterey, which uses Apple server’s to measure the speed of the network rather than going through third-party servers. This method mimics real world use cases and delivers more reliable results.

The Speedy app is available on this website as a free download. As it relies on a tool that has been added in the new operating system, you need to be running macOS Monterey on your Mac in order to use it.

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