Watch YouTube Videos On Apple Watch With WatchTube App

WatchTube app

Ever wanted to watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch? If yes, WatchTube app for watchOS is for you. This app makes it possible for Apple Watch users to play YouTube videos right on their wrist.

With WatchTube you can watch YouTube videos of your choice and browse through the video streaming service to look for your favorite videos. In addition to playing YouTube videos on the Apple Watch this app can also perform actions that you can on YouTube’s website and iOS app.

The app features a built-in search feature that lets you search for your favorite YouTube channels and creators and watch their videos.

When using WatchTube you can subscribe to new channels, get suggested videos based on your watch history, view liked videos, get video captions and more.

The app also includes a YouTube feed that shows the users trending videos on the YouTube platform. It includes algorithms that adjust the home feed based on the videos you watch in the app.

While current version of the app only supports video streaming the developer of this app has promised audio only mode too, which will allow users to only stream background audio of a video.

This is the feature that I am particularly excited about as it allows users to listen to music, podcasts and other audio-centric content more easily.

You can download the WatchTube app from the App Store where it is available as a free download. The app is totally free to use.

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