WinX MediaTrans Is A Powerful iTunes Alternative That Lets You Manage Data With Ease

iOS has advanced a lot over the past few years both in terms of hardware and software. This year’s iPhone X release sets the tone for the next ten years of one of the world’s most popular products. While things keep evolving on the operating system and hardware level, another important component of iOS i.e the iTunes has remained the same. iTunes is a crucial piece of software that has not changed much over the years and has yet to adapt to the changing iOS landscape.

WinX MediaTrans iPhone and iPad Manager aims to replace iPhone by offering not only what iTunes does in a better way but also do things that are not possible with it. As a powerful iTunes alternative,WinX MediaTrans provides an easy way to transfer photos, videos and music between iPhone, iPad and the computer.

Many people who rely on iTunes use this software in order to create local backups of their device. However WinX MediaTrans solves this too by allowing you to create backups on their computer without having iTunes installed on your computer. This is also a great opportunity for users who have been paying the extra iCloud monthly fees just to avoid iTunes. It will also keep your data sync with your iOS device and PC.

Managing music is another reason for users to use iTunes, but with WinX MediaTrans you can avoid using iTunes altogether and transfer music files between you iOS 11 powered device and PC. You can also create playlists by adding songs to them with simple drag and drop, edit song information by editing artist and album information. This iTunes alternative even allows users to create and manage their iPhone ringtones and voice memos with ease. It also has the ability to convert your music files to AAC or MP3. It can also remove DRM from your music files so they run everywhere.

WinX MediaTrans does not stop at audio though as it also manages video files for the user. With this powerful iTunes alternative, you can convert video formats like MKV to iPhone and iPad friendly formats. In addition to converting files it will also reduce their file size up to 50 percent, without losing any quality. You can also auto rotate videos and manage high quality files of up to 4K resolution in batch.

Photos are the most precious content stored on our iOS devices and with WinX MediaTrans you can also manage those. It lets you transfer photos between your iPhone or iPad to your PC and vice versa without requiring iTunes, iCloud or even a Wi-Fi connection. This is great for users who are always running out of storage on their iPhone. Just transfer your iPhone photos to computer instead of deleting them to free up space.

One of the most underrated features of the WinX MediaTrans tool is that it turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable USB drive, allowing you to copy files on your iPhone’s memory just like you would on an external hard drive. If you have a 128GB or 256GB iOS device with lots of space, this can be very useful.

You can download the trial for WinX MediaTrans app for free. It is available for Windows operating system. If you want to unlock all features indefinitely, then you can buy the full version for $29.95.

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