Apple Working With China’s Biggest Battery Maker, Is Apple Car Really Happening?

For those of you dreaming of driving an Apple Car one day we have got some excited news. It seems like Apple hasn’t completely shifted its Project Titan plans towards just creating a car platform instead of building an actual car.

A news coming out of China suggests that the technology company is working with China’s biggest automative battery maker, and you know what big batteries power: Electric Cars!

Apple is currently working with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. or CATL on a confidential project said China’s Yicai Global (via 9to5Mac). Here’s the full text by the publication.

“The Cupertino-based tech titan is working with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), a battery manufacturer in China’s Fujian province, on a scheme based on a confidentiality agreement. The parties are working together in the field of batteries, sources involved with the cooperation said.”

If this news is true, then it is kind of a big deal not only for Apple but for the whole autonomous car industry and future of automotive industry as a whole. It should also change everyone’s perception about Apple’s plans as the company it seems like is interested in doing more than just building a AI based software platform for self-driving cars through the Project Titan initiative.

CATL and its huge battery making capacity is going to be crucial for Apple if it ever wants to mass produce electric vehicles. CATL is actively increasing its lithium-ion battery production capacity and will reach 50GWh by the year 2020. This will make its factory second only to Tesla’s factory.

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