AdaptiveColorAlerts Colorizes Alerts Based On Colors Of The Background

If you find the notifications on your iOS device to be boring, then the new AdaptiveColorAlerts is something you should try on your jailbroken device. AdaptiveColorAlerts tweak gives a new life to iOS notifications by colorizing them based on the color of whatever is in the background. The tweak affects different notification alerts and banners changing their color in a significant manner.

The tweak not only changes the color of the alert to match the wallpaper but will also match it with the color of the app that you are currently using. For example, if you are using the Weather app that is showing a blue page and a notification arrives, it will appear in blue color. Similarly an alert will have multiple colors if the background is multi-colored. It basically makes them translucent enough so they can catch the color of their background however not too much preventing the text from becoming unreadable.

There are no settings to configure, however you do get the option to enable or disable the tweak. It supports iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10 powered devices. You can download AdaptiveColorAlerts tweak from Cydia for free.

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