SafariUnleashed Tweak Brings 3 Performance Based Features To Safari

Safari browser on iOS is great, and it is the web browser of choice for majority of Apple users. However we would be lying if we say it is the perfect browser. There are certainly many areas where Safari can be improved and that includes performance. SafariUnleased tweak sets out to do exactly that by bringing three performance based changes to the mobile web browser to make the web browsing experience for users better than it already is.

SafariUnleashed enables the ability to have unlimited tabs opened in Safari at once. So after installing this tweak Safari won’t have the 36 tab limit in place right now, enabling you to open as many tabs at once as you like. Second feature that this tweak adds is that it will prevent iOS from killing tabs due to low memory. The tweak does so by disabling iOS’s automatic memory clearing feature, which automatically closes tab when facing low memory. This is great for users who have devices with 1GB memory like iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.


The third feature of this tweak makes Safari load pages faster, especially those that you visit often on your device. With SafariUnleashed those pages will load up instantly. According to the developer they “should not take more than a second [to load]”

SafariUnleashed can be downloaded from developer’s private repo for free, just add ‘’ to your Cydia sources. It supports iOS 9 and iOS 10 however has not been tested on iOS 8, so install it on you own risk.

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