Anchor tweak lets you place icons anywhere on the homescreen

The icon placement on the iOS homescreen is fixed, which means unlike your desktop computer you cannot place the icons anywhere you like. This is not the ideal behavior as being able to put icons freely allows users to create icon set ups that suit their style and the way they use their device. There have been complicated ways that allow you to change the layout of the icons such as the homescreen designer tweak. Now to make things easier and to bring a much needed feature to iOS homescreen the new Anchor tweak has been released.

Anchor tweak

This hack allows users to put app icons anywhere they want and create groups and layouts that suit their personal needs. To make it simpler to arrange the icons the tweak ‘anchors’ the icons in homescreen’s fixed rows and columns, however they are not gathered together as they normally would without Anchor when you release them. To arrange icons you can just drag and drop them at your desired location.

If you are not satisfied with the layout you have created then you can reset them from tweak’s preferences page.

Anchors is a nice tweak that adds an important feature to iOS 8 as well as iOS 7. You can even use it with third-party themes to create different set ups on your iPhone or iPad. You can download Anchor from Cydia for $1.99.

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