Anne Tweak Adds Face ID Protection To Your Hidden Photos

The stock iOS Photos app shockingly does not offer a way to password and Face ID protect hidden photos. It has a dedicated hidden section where users can ‘hide’ photos that they do not want to appear in the main photos library, however anyone can open the so called ‘Hidden’ folder and view the photos that you don’t want anyone to see.

Enters the Anne tweak for jailbroken iOS devices. This jailbreak tweak makes it possible for iPhone users to add Face ID or Touch ID protection to their photos. When active the tweak adds Face ID protection to the Hidden folder of the Photos app.

With Anne tweak installed whenever anyone tries to access the Hidden folder iPhone will do a quick Face ID scan. In case you have a Touch ID device, your iPhone will prompt you to scan your finger.

Only after a successful Face ID/Touch ID scan the user is granted access to the Hidden folder and all the photos and videos that are stored inside it.

The tweak not only works inside the Photos app but it also prompts user to perform Face ID scan wherever stock photo pickers are used. The developer has warned that apps that use custom photo pickers might be able to bypass the tweak.

You can download the Anne tweak on your jailbroken device for free. It is available on the Havoc repo and works with iOS 13 up to iOS 15.

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