BatteryNotch Tweak Adds A Battery Indicator Around iPhone X Notch

By now most iPhone X users have embraced the notch. While most of us have gotten so used to it that we barely notice that it is even there, others have found clever ways of using it to give their device a unique look. If your iPhone X is jailbroken then possibilities of using notch for creative and fun purposes are endless. A new jailbreak tweak called BatteryNotch is one of the tweaks that are a must have for iPhone X users.

As its name might have already suggested, with this hack you can the current status of your device’s battery to the notch. The cleverly designed tweak puts a thin colored line around the notch. The line fills the entire bottom of the notch when the device has full charge, however it keeps shrinking to reflect the currently remaining battery of the iPhone.

In addition to changing size based on the current charge, the color of the notch line will also change. While it will be green at full charge, it will turn light green when the battery reaches half, orange when it is lower than 20 percent and red when the device’s battery is critically low. From settings, users can change between fixed colors or automatically changing colors based on current battery.

BatteryNotch tweak is available in Cydia for $1.50 and works with iOS 11 or above. Instructions on how to buy and install it are available here.

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