CallBar X Tweak Fixes The Obnoxious iPhone Call Screen

The default incoming call screen on the iPhone is obnoxious and annoying. Its annoying because not only can you not get rid of the call screen until you pick or reject the call but it takes up full screen, preventing you from doing anything else on your device. The popular CallBar tweak, which has been re-released as CallBar X with support for iPhone X and iOS 11 solves this problem by reducing the incoming call screen to the size of the notification banner, which appears on top of the screen. With CallBar X tweak you can easily dismiss the incoming call UI and continue what you are doing on your iOS device.

CallBar X works with all types of calls including telephone calls, FaceTime audio calls and calls coming in from third-party apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and more. This tweak’s magic is not limited to when your iPhone is ringing as it also brings a minimalistic call UI when you are in call. Instead of a full screen call screen the tweak adds a call banner on top of the screen. This call banner stays on top and gives you quick access to disconnect, mute, keypad, speaker and other buttons while giving you the ability to use other parts of your iPhone.

The CallBar X tweak also brings a new method that lets you initiate calls from anywhere on iOS without having to launch the Phone application. You can invoke the CallBar X interface by performing an activation method of your choice, after which you will get a dialer interface that lets you initiate calls while you continue using any app.

CallBar X features many customization options as well that give users control over its appearance. You can choose to have a dark theme, light theme, curved or Concept X (a theme that features iPhone X like style).

CallBar X is a paid tweak and can be installed for $3.99. It is fully compatible with all devices running iOS 7 – iOS 11 or above.

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