CustomNC Tweak Lets You Disable Notification Center Elements That You Don’t Like

CustomNC tweak

There are two types of iOS users, one who don’t use the Notification Center much and two who consider the NC so important that their whole experience of using the device revolves around it. The new CustomNC tweak for Notification is for the second group of people. This tweak allows users to take control over how the NC looks on their iOS 9 device by making alterations to how it looks and what elements are shown on it.

Using the CustomNC tweak you can hide certain aspects of the Notification Center including the today view, background blur, hide tabs, ‘No Notifications’ that appears when you clear the pending notifications among other things. You can also get rid of top and bottom separators and enable or disable full notification text. All these options are available in CustomNC’s preference page available through the Settings application. In order to apply the changes you have to respring the device using the dedicated Respring buttons found inside its settings page.

You can download the CustomNC tweak from Cydia for free. It fully supports iOS 9 powered devices.

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