DeleteForever tweak adds option to delete photos permanently

DeleteForever tweak

Apple added a super annoying feature in iOS 8, that keeps user’s Photos for 30 days after they have been deleted in a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. This feature is meant to act like the ‘Trash’ or ‘Recycle Bin’ for photos, so you can recover images if you end up accidentally deleting them, before they are completely removed. Many people don’t like this feature as they have to delete all of their photos twice, in case they don’t want the images to be in Photos app for 30 days after deletion. A new Cydia tweak called DeleteForever can make the life of iOS users much easier by adding a ‘Permanently Delete’ option to the delete menu.

So whenever you delete one or more images from your Photos, the app will show you two options letting you either delete an image normally and temporarily save it in Recently Deleted folder, or delete them permanently. A good thing about this tweak is that it gives users an option, so they can choose to delete images the way they want, rather than imposing itself on them.

You can download the DeleteForever tweak for free from Cydia. It is available under ‘’ repository.

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  1. When you sell your iphone or give it to others, you can use a data eraser tool to completely wipe data from it. Have a try of this MobiKin Eraser for iOS. You can delete data completely.

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