Disk Pie app makes managing storage easier for jailbreak users

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iOS devices come with limited storage capacity that can be filled pretty quickly. Managing disk space and getting rid of data you no longer need can be a tricky affair on iPhone or iPad as sometimes it can be hard to track down applications that are filling up that precious space without you even knowing. A new jailbreak app called Disk Pie makes managing storage space simpler by listing the apps, other types of content as well as Cydia packages along with the amount of disk space they are occupying.

That’s not all as Disk Pie also presents the very same data in the form of a pie chart that makes identifying the culprits a lot more easier. With this jailbreak app you can also delete the data you no longer need.

Disk Pie displays the space occupied by iTunes library, installed apps, message attachments and more importantly Cydia packages along with others.

If you are not jailbroken or don’t want to pay for this app then you can use iOS’s built-in ‘Usage’ feature that also gives similar information to the users by going to Settings > General > Usage.

Disk Pie app (2)

Remember that Disk Pie is not a tweak and will place an icon on the homescreen. It supports all iOS 7 devices including iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can download this app from Cydia for $1.99.


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