Echo Tweak Brings iOS 16 Style Music Widget To iOS 14

Apple has redesigned the lock screen music widget in iOS 16. If you like the look of the new official lock screen music widget and want to get it on your iOS 14 powered jailbroken iPhone, then Echo tweak has got you covered.

With Echo tweak you can bring the look of iOS 16 lock screen music widget to any jailbroken iPhone. The tweak not only makes the music widget similar looking to the new redesigned widget but it also adds various functions that we are getting in iOS 16.

Just like the iOS 16 music widget users can tap on the artwork in the Echo music widget to make it full screen. They can return to the small artwork view by double tapping anywhere on the screen.

The tweak also adds an app icon in the bottom left corner of the widget to signify which app you are listening the music with. So if you are playing music from the stock Music app, Spotify or any other music streaming app, then its icon will appear on the widget.

In addition to that Echo tweak also offers personalization options, enabling users to color almost everything on the widget including the background. This gives users more power over the look and feel of the widget.

The tweak is only compatible with iPhones running iOS 14 or later. It does not work on iPads. It is available at a price of £2.00 or around $2.40 through the Hyperixa Repo (

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