90 FREE Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 13 For Download In 2020

Free Jailbreak tweaks

Here you will find 90 FREE jailbreak tweaks that are fully compatible with iOS 13.7. You can legally download these amazing jailbreak tweaks without paying a single dime.

If you’re not living under a rock, then chances are you are already familiar with the new iOS 13.7 jailbreak, which allows users to jailbreak all models of iOS.

If you’re someone who has already jailbroken his or her iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and you are looking for some nice free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.7, then you have came to the right place.

In this highly detailed (and long) article we have featured a list of 90 jailbreak tweaks that are not only FREE to download but they are also fully compatible with iOS 13.7 jailbreak.

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List Of 90 Must Have FREE Jailbreak Tweaks

Free Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.5

Most of these free jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13.7 are available on default Cydia repos. However we have also mentioned repos for those tweaks that are available  on private repositories.

Without any further ado here’s a complete list of FREE Jailbreak tweaks that you can download on your iOS 13.7 device in 2020.

Before being able to download these amazing FREE Cydia tweaks make sure you jailbreak your device using unc0ver. You can also use Odyssey jailbreak to jailbreak iOS 13.0 – iOS 13.7

1. A-Font

You can use A-Font tweak to change the system font on your iOS Device.

2. Activator

Activator is the legendary tweak that lets you assign gestures to various actions.

3. Anywhere!

With Anywhere! Tweak you can be anywhere at any time. With this tweak you can fake your location or become invisible.

4. Apps Manager

With Apps Manager tweak you can easily manage data for App Store apps. You can create app data backups, restore app backups and wipe app data.

5. AppStore++

With AppStore++ tweak you can downgrade apps to an older version, enable app downloads of over 200MB over LTE, block app updates, disable search ads within the App Store and disable app thinning.

6. AppSync Unified

With AppSync Unified tweak you can install unsigned and fakesigned apps on your iOS device. This tweak can be used to install apps from non-App Store sources with an .IPA file. It is available through developer Karen’s repo (https://cydia.akemi.ai/).

7. Arkrome

You can use the Arkrome tweak to add battery percentage inside the battery indicator.

8. AutoLockToggle

It adds a new Control Center button through which you can turn off Autolock feature of your iPhone.

9. AutoUnlockX

AutoUnlockX tweak makes the iPhone jump to the home screen after a successful Face ID scan. You no longer have to swipe up on the lock screen to go home. It is available through developer’s repo (https://sparkdev.me/)

10. AwesomePageDots

AwesomePageDots brings animation to the home screen page dots. It is available through the developer’s repo (https://shiftcmdk.github.io/repo/).

11. Axon

Axon tweak adds buttons for each app that has pending notifications on the lockscreen thus enabling users to find each app’s alert more easily. It is available through developer’s repo (https://repo.co.kr/)

12. Barmoji

Barmoji tweak adds commonly used emojis on the empty area below iPhone’s keyboard. It is available through the developer’s repo (https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/)

13. Batchomatic

You can use Batchomatic tweak to batch install or uninstall Cydia tweaks on your device.

14. BatteryLife

Must Have Cydia tweaks Battery Life

With BatteryLife tweak you can keep an eye on your iPhone or iPad’s battery health and life. You can access to its charge cycle count, battery capacity, current charge and other useful information.

15. BatteryPercentX

This tweak replaces the battery indicator icon with battery percentage of notched devices. This tweak is available on SparkDev’s repo (https://sparkdev.me/)

16. BetterCCXI

BetterCCXI tweak brings improved connectivity and music widgets to the Control Center and gives an enhanced Control Center experience to the users.

17. Bloard

With Bloard tweak you can get universal black keyboard on all parts of iOS.

18. Bluepicker

With Bluepicker you can connect, disconnect and detect Bluetooth powered devices using the Activator tweak.

19. Butterfly

Butteryfly tweak lets you personalize the color of the iOS text indicator and selection text. It is available through developer’s repo (https://repo.litten.love/).

20. CallDismiss12

With CallDimiss12 you can dismiss an incoming call’s UI screen by pressing the home button, without having to disconnect it. The call will continue to ring in the background. It is available through developer’s repo (http://tateu.net/repo/)

21. Cask 2

Cask 2 tweak adds fun table scrolling animations to iOS tables that can be seen in the Settings app.

22. CC On & Off

With CC On & Off you can properly turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the Control Center toggle. This tweak will completely turn them off without requiring you to do this from Settings app. It is available through Poomsmart’s repo (https://poomsmart.github.io/repo/).

23. CCLinker

CCLinker lets you quickly access a part of the Control Center or launch an app using an on-screen gesture.

24. CCSupport

CCSupport tweak lets you rearrange the otherwise fixed Control Center modules. Third-party developers are also able to add their own widgets to Control Center using this hack.

25. Cercube For YouTube

FREE Cydia tweaks Cercube

With Cercube for YouTube tweak you can download YouTube videos in 4K, download audio from YouTube, play YouTube audio in the background, block ads and more. It is available through the developer’s repo (https://apt.alfhaily.me/).

26. Clean Home Screen

Clean Home Screen tweak brings a clutter-free experience to the home screen by removing unnecessary clutter from home screen and lockscreen.

27. Choicy

Choicy lets you disable tweak injection for each process individually, disable all tweaks and disable tweaks within a certain app. Choicy is available through the developer’s repo (https://opa334.github.io/).

28. ColorMeNotifs

ColorMyNotifs adds colors to the notification banners, music widget and iOS widgets.

29. ColorMyBattery

ColorMyBattery tweak lets you choose any color of your choice for status bar’s battery indicator.

30. Cr4shed

Cr4shed tweak helps developers understand why their tweak may have caused an iOS device to crash.

31. Cylinder

Cylinder tweak brings cool animations to the home screen that appear when you switch from one page to another.

32. DoubleCut

DoubleCut lets you quickly insert your email address to any text field by double pressing the @ button.

33. Dotto+

dotto+ tweak

Dotto+ tweak allows users to change the appearance of the home screen icon badges. With this tweak you can change their color and choose to have them with filled color or in O shape.

34. DoubleTapLock

With DoubleTapLock tweak you can double tap on the home button to quickly lock your iPhone or iPad. It is available through SparkDev’s repo (https://sparkdev.me/).

35. DVirtualHome

DVirtualHome lets you return to the home screen by simply tapping on the home button, without having to fully press it. It is available through developer DGh0st’s repo (https://dgh0st.github.io/).

36. ExactTime

ExactTime tweak will show you the exact time at which a notification arrived.

37. FDots

FDots tweak lets you hide all sorts of dots from your iOS device. This includes page dots, recently updated app dot, icon badges and beta app dot.

38. Filza File Manager

Filza File Manager is a Finder like file manager for iOS devices that gives users access to their device’s root directories. It can be used to install .IPA and .DEB files to a device among many other things.

39. Five Icon Dock

Five Icon Dock tweak makes room for a fifth app icon on the iPhone’s icon dock.

40. Flex 3

With Flex 3 you can modify the behaviour of App Store apps and change the way they function.

41. FlyJB

You can hide the jailbroken state of your device with FlyJB. It is available through developer’s repo (https://repo.xsf1re.kr/).

42. Folded

Folded tweak

Folded lets you change almost every aspect of your jailbroken device’s folders.

43. ForceInPicture

This tweak lets you enable Picture-in-Picture feature without your device crashing.

44. Gestures13

Gestures13 tweak lets you add iPhone X (and other notch devices) gestures to all devices.

45. GoodWifi

GoodWifi tweak gives you more control over your device’s Wi-Fi. With this tweak you can show Mac address, only show known networks and remove the RSSI Limit. You can download this tweak from developer’s repo (https://julioverne.github.io/).

46. HideBarX

HidebarX lets you hide iPhone 11 or older’s home bar. It is available through SparkDev’s repo (https://sparkdev.me/).

47. HideDockBG

You can use HideDockBG to remove the background from your iPhone’s dock. You can download this tweak from developer’s repo (http://junesiphone.com/supersecret/).

48. HideDots

Hide home screen and lock screen dots with HideDots.

49. HideLabels13

Achieve a minimalistic look for the home screen by hiding the app icon labels.

50. KernBypass

This tweak brings Kernel level jailbreak bypass to hide the jailbroken state of your device. It is available through developer’s (https://akusio.github.io/).

51. KeyShortcut Pro

KeyShortcut Pro tweak brings desktop like keyboard shortcuts to iPhone’s on-screen keyboard. Using these shortcuts you can perform actions like cut, copy, paste, redo, select and more.

52. Little11

Little11 brings iPhone X gestures to all iOS devices.

53. LiveRings

This tweak shows your Apple Watch’s live activity rings on iPhone’s Activity app. This tweak is available from developer’s repo (https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/).

54. MImport

MImport lets you import media directly from the default Music app. It is available through developer repo (https://julioverne.github.io/)

55. MirrorSelfie

This tweak mirrors the selfie that is saved to the Photos app. It is available through DGh0st’s repo (https://dgh0st.github.io/).

56. Mterminal

It is a Mobile Terminal Fork for jailbroken device.

57. NoClutter

This tweak allows users to hide certain parts and UI elements of iOS to make their device clutter-free.

58. NoDictation

NoDictation tweak removes the Dictation (mic) button from the keyboard.

59. NoDNDBanner

This tweak simply removes the Do Not Distrub banner from the lockscreen while DND is on.

60. NPurge

NPurge tweak lets you get rid of lockscreen notifications by performing a pull down gesture. It is available through iDeviceHacked repo (https://idevicehacked.com/).

61. OneNotify

OneNotify will always display all of your pending notifications on the lockscreen.

62. OnlineNotify

OnlineNotify tweak will notify you as soon your selected contact becomes online on WhatsApp. The tweak will send a notification even if you are not using the WhatsApp application. It is available through developer’s repo (https://apt.fouadraheb.com/).

63. Peekable

Peekable brings 3D Touch’s Peek action to non-3D Touch devices.

64. PowerApp

PowerApp lets you respring, shutdown and reboot your iOS device with ease.

65. PullOver Pro

PullOver Pro adds a small tab on the side of the screen that lets users pin an app over another app.  It is available through developer’s repo (https://c1d3r.com/repo/).

66. QuitAll

QuitAll tweak lets you quickly quit all apps with one single action.

67. RealCC

RealCC lets you actually disable Wi-Fi from the Control Center.

68. Rhino

Rhino tweak lets you download other people’s photos, videos, stories, disable ads and more inside the Instagram app.

69. Rocket for Instagram

Rocket brings tons of awesome and missing features to the Instagram app.

70. Safari Features

Safari Features makes iPhone Safari behave like iPad Safari complete with desktop like tabs and more.

71. Safari Plus

Safari Plus is an ultimate Safari browser tweak that brings missing feature to the web browser.

72. Saw

This tweak cuts the wasted space below the tab bar within apps and saves the screen real estate for more useful things.

73. shuffle

shuffle tweak organizes your iPhone’s Settings app in easy to navigate sections.

74. SmallSiri

Best jailbreak tweaks free SmallSiri

This tweak makes Siri small an unobtrusive, similar to how it appears on the Mac.

75. Snowboard

A theming engine for jailbroken devices.

76. Social Downloader

This tweak lets you download photos, videos and stories from various social networking apps.

77. Spotlife

This tweak replaces the today view page with Spotlight screen.

78. Super Recorder X+

Super Recorder X+ is a call recording and voice amplifying tweak for jailbroken devices.

79. SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection lets you quickly move through typed text by using the keyboard area as trackpad.

80. tweakCompatible

This tweak lets you see if a tweak is compatible with your device or not right inside Cydia.

81. Twitter No Ads

Twitter No Ads lets you hide ads inside the Twitter app.

82. Utubed

Utubed tweak lets you listen to YouTube audio in the background and use YouTube ad-free.

83. Vesta

This tweak gives you quick access to your apps anywhere on iOS through an app drawer. This tweak is available on SparkDev’s repo (https://sparkdev.me/).

84. Watusi 2 for WhatsApp

This is the ultimate tweak for WhatsApp that brings tons of features to the app.

85. WeatherGround

WeatherGround tweak adds the current temperature to the status bar.

86. WiFi Passwords

WiFi Passwords shows you previously entered Wi-Fi passwords. It is available on developer’s repo (http://xnu.science/repo/).

87. YouTube Reborn

This tweak brings much needed customizations to the YouTube app. This tweak is available through Twickd repo (https://repo.twickd.com/).

88. YouTube Tools

This tweak brings missing features to the YouTube app while fixing its biggest annoyances. Some of the features include background audio support, ability to choose high quality over LTE and more.

89. YTHDUnlocker

This tweak lets you play HD videos on iOS YouTube app.

90. Zebra

A full-fledge package manager and Cydia replacement.

91. AlertDismiss

This tweak lets you dismiss action-less alerts with ease. It is available through (https://ios.jjolano.me/)

There you go folks, these are some of the best FREE jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 13.7.

Did we miss any of your free jailbreak tweaks? If so, then feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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