Grabby tweak lets you add grabbers for apps in lockscreen, now supports iOS 7

Grabby tweak

Those of you who have been using iOS jailbreak from previous versions would remember the popular Grabby tweak by Ryan Petrich. This tweak added additional grabbers to iOS’s lockscreen along with the default Camera grabber. If liked the tweak or had purchased it for the older versions of iOS then you would be pleased to know that it has been updated to version 1.3 bringing full support and a new iOS 7 inspired look for the hack.

Grabby tweak works exactly like it did before adding grabbers or shortcuts to the lockscreen. Users can swipe up on the grabbers to launch the app or perform the action right from the lockscreen without even unlocking their device. From tweak’s settings page you change the number of icons you want to show, assign a different icon to grabbers and configure which actions should require passcode and which ones shouldn’t. For example you can require passcode authorization before launching apps like mail or photos.

Grabby tweak 2

There’s a variety of actions you can assign to your lockscreen grabbers with Grabby such as app shortcuts, shortcut to launch Siri or take screenshot, assign them to activator actions and more.

Grabby tweak is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.99. You can get it for free if you had purchased older versions of the tweak on iOS 6. It fully supports iOS 7.

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