Incognito Messages tweak lets you disable iMessage read reports and typing indicator

Incognito Messages tweak

There are many Cydia tweaks that aim at making the experience of using the stock Messages app better, we recently told you about Cog and Mutiny tweaks. If those two hacks were not enough for you, then a new tweak for iOS 9 is what you should download next. The tweak brings the Incognito mode to iMessage, which means you will be able to read messages without sending a read receipt to your friends. In addition to that the tweak also allows users to disable the typing indicator for the person on the other end, giving you more privacy.

Incognito Messages tweak also offers another useful feature called TypeRead, which allows users to send read receipts only when they start typing. This means person on the other end will not get the actual time you read their message, instead he or she will get the read time whenever you started replying to their message. To use TypeRead you need to keep the read receipts option enabled from tweak’s preferences. You can enable or disable its features right from the preference page.

Incognito Messages tweak works with the latest iOS 9 as well as iOS 8 powered devices. Although this is not the first tweak of its kind, Incognito Messages supports iOS 9 and works as intended, which is great. You can download it from Cydia for free.

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