List of Must Have Cydia Repos for Your Newly Jailbroken iOS 7 Device

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Cydia is the main reason why people jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and with its presence on iOS 7, the jailbreak community is thriving once again. Cydia cannot be complete without the work done by developers and repositories that host their work. So to make your Cydia experience better you need to add a few extra repositories so you get the most out of your jailbroken device.

In this post we are going to list the must have Cydia repos that you should add right now. If you don’t know how to add a repo in Cydia then try our guide here.


This repository comes pre-loaded with Cydia and hosts thousands of new and old jailbreak tweaks, apps, themes and more. It comes pre-installed in Cydia.

BigBoss Repo URL:


Another important Cydia repo that jailbreakers cannot live without. ModMyi is known for the themes that are hosted on this repository in addition to other jailbreak related stuff. It comes pre-installed in Cydia.

ModMyi Repo URL:


iF0rce serves a variety of hacks for your iOS devices. It is particularly known for AirBlue Sharing tweak that allowed iOS users to share stuff via Bluetooth.

iF0rce Repo URL:

Ryan Petrich’s repo

One of the most well known iOS Jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich’s repo is a must have for anyone looking for fresh and super useful tweaks.

Ryan Petrich’s repo url:

FilippoBiga’s  Beta Repo

Just like Ryan Petrich, Filippo Biga also develops great jailbreak tweaks and he hosts them on his beta repo.

Filippo Biga’s Repo url:

ZodTTD’s Beta Repo

The ZodTTD repo comes pre-installed on Cydia but if you want to try out tweaks and other stuff when it is in beta then the ZodTTD’s repo beta is for you.

ZodTTD’s Beta repo url:


Pushfix repo url:

iHacksRepo (no longer available)

iHacksrepo repo url:

HackYouriPhone repo

HackYouriPhone Repo url:

iHackstore (no longer available)

iHackStore Repo url:

HASHBANG Productions

Hashbang repo url:


Insanelyi Repo url:

Sinful iPhone Repo

Sinful iPhone Repo url:

XSellize repo

XSellize Repo url:

iSpazio Repo

iSpazio Repo url:

BiteYourApple repo

BiteYourApple Repo url:

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  1. Why don’t you at least try some of these sources you idiot don’t just throw something up there from past jailbreak memories ( or copy and paste them from another idiot ) most of these don’t even work get your shit together

          1. That’s what I was thinking. Good question on that one. That repo doesn’t woek for me either. Nothing shows up in it. Please help me asap! Thank you so much.

  2. You should add iPhoneCake, which allows you to get AppCake. AppCake lets you download cracked versions of the app.

  3. ihackstore is working and heres a few more that might be useful to some people or certain devices or ios versions …..

    also for free apps on newer devices that dont let u install hipstore or if hipstore dont work when u install it go to… then add it to your homescreen..must have appsync installed

    these next ones are for networks/rsim etc. for unlocking your carrier & tweaks…

    and to change or edit your apn go to…

    Hope this helps some of you and this is all working and up to date as of
    APRIL,17 2014

    1. thanks alot man all these sources on top of all the most common sources adds up to a pretty decent amount of cydia sources to have endless fun customizing you IOS Device thanks alot again man

  4. You should all be happy this person put their time and effort trying to help people here been ungrateful when u haven’t a clue yourself is laughable ya pack of idiots

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