ListeningLauncher lets you jump to app playing media in the background


When you are listening to music in the background while doing something else on iOS device you have to leave the app you are currently using to change the song or perform some other action in the music app. This can be an annoying thing to do since you have to exit to the homescreen and then look for the app’s icon in order to access it before you can actually do the thing you want to do.

ListeningLauncher is a simple Activator tweak that fixes this problem, making the life of iOS music listeners easier in the process. The tweak allows users to assign a gesture or action to itself and opens the app that is currently playing media when that gesture is performed. So if you are listening to a song in Stock Music app or Spotify, all you have to do is perform the action and the relevant app will be brought to the front. This saves your time and reduces the effort required to do this simple task.

Of course you can access the control center music controls that allow you to perform basic tasks such as play/pause and next/previous. However with this tweak you can actually access the app more conveniently and perform the functions that go beyond these basic functionalities.

ListeningLauncher can be downloaded for free from Cydia. After downloading go to Activator and assign a gesture to it as shown in the image above. It supports most third party music applications in addition to the stock one.

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