LockMinder lets you quickly view your reminders right on the lockscreen

LockMinder tweak

A new Cydia tweak called LockMinder makes it easier for you to view your pending tasks by listing them right on the lockscreen. With this hack installed you can take a quick look at what’s due next without even unlocking the device. All you have to do is swipe right on the lockscreen to access a ‘second’ page, which lists all your reminders. The tweak pulls the data from the stock Reminders app, so if you have added a reminder in the application it will show up on the LockMinder page.

The tweak gives users the ability to choose which reminders they want to show on the LockMinder screen. This is great since you can choose the more important ones to show up on the lockscreen, while ignoring others. This has another benefit, as the reminders listed on the lockscreen can be viewed without unlocking the device, users can only show those reminders on LockMinder screen that they are comfortable in showing to others.

If you have passcode enabled, then don’t worry as you can still access the passcode screen by swiping normally, the page appears on the other side of the lockscreen. Also, LockMinder uses the LockPages tweak, so you will need to have that installed for it to work.

You can download the LockMinder tweak from Cydia for free. You have to add ‘http://128keaton.com/cydia’ to your Cydia sources first.

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