miniCode brings Xcode to your iPhone and iPad

miniCode-cydiaThe jailbreak community is working hard to bring powerful and amazing stuff to your iOS devices. miniCode a newly released Cydia tweak brings the powers of Xcode to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In case you don’t know Xcode is a software development tool by Apple to allow developers to build all those amazing App Store apps. And yes you can now develop an app on your iOS device too.

minicode-tweakminiCode is the first mobile IDE that made it possible to write, compile and run iOS apps on your iPhone and iPad. Although limitations are there, and it’s not a replacement to the solid Desktop app but still you could code an entire app using this tool. This is good news for those who want to learn iOS development but don’t have a Mac. It packs a great opportunity for them to start iOS development right on their iPhone or iPad. However you will still need a Mac in order to put your app on the App Store.

minicode-tweak2Besides creating a new project from scratch, miniCode also allows you to import and export your project between your device and Mac. In case a build is failed it lists all the errors and warnings to help you easily eliminate the problems.

At the moment this tweak only supports Objective C. However developer is hopeful about an updated version with support for Swift, which is the new programming language by Apple.

Now you might be wondering about the price of this powerful tweak. It is completely free and you can get it right now from Cydia. If it helps do support the developer of tweak by making a donation.

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