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Mirmir tweak brings advanced window based multitasking to iOS


Mirmir tweak brings advanced window based multitasking to iOS

Mirmir tweak

iOS 9 is going to bring split-screen multitasking once it is released in the fall. This new multitasking feature of iOS 9 is quite limited and not to mention it will only be available on iPad Air 2. If you have been looking for an advanced multitasking tweak for your iPhone or iPad then look no further than Mirmir. This tweak brings window based multitasking to iOS devices and allows users to have up to four apps running at the same time. You can interact with all the apps just like normal.

The hack works on both iPhone and iPad but we have got to say that it makes more sense when running on an iPad rather than on iPhone’s smaller display.

Mirmir has been designed quite nicely and works as intended. Users can resize the app windows, move them around as well as rotate them if they want to use the app in landscape mode. From settings, that can be accessed through the dedicated homescreen icon, you can select activation method, default orientation as well as set a default minimum and maximum size for the window.

Mirmir tweak 1

Mirmir is a good tweak and a must have for those who want to turn their iPad or iPhone in to a serious multitasking device. You can download it from Cydia for $3.99. It works on all versions of iOS 8 including iOS 8.4.

  • BilAl KhAn

    support devices ?? does it support iphone 4s??

    • The 4s only has 512mb of RAM. It probably would work, but would lag a lot. Just keep in mind that the A5 chip sucks as of 2015.

      • Thanks! Could’t have said it better. Also, this tweak works best on a larger display. I wouldn’t even recommend using it on iPhone 5s let alone 4S. Works great on 6 plus and iPad.

        • No problem man! Yeah, I just tried the tweak on my iPhone 5 and you really need a bigger screen to make full use out of it.

      • BilAl KhAn

        Thanks man for info!

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