MusicRotate tweak adds landscape mode to iOS 8.4 Music app

MusicRotate tweak

With iOS 8.4 we got a redesigned Music app that does much more than just playing music from the library. The app also has features like music streaming, internet radio and connect, which allows users to follow updates coming from their favorite artists. A very noticeable change in the new Music app is that it no longer has the coverflow mode that used to display album art whenever you shifted your device in landscape mode. Many users would appreciate the elimination of the coverflow screen as it wasn’t very useful.

While we never liked the coverflow mode of the older Music app we certainly wouldn’t mind having a normal landscape model in the app. The new MusicRotate tweak does exactly that as it enables the landscape mode in iOS 8.4’s Music app. The rotation works in a same way as it does in other applications and the app rotates whenever you turn your device left or right. Once you have installed the tweak you will forget you even downloaded it, as it looks quite native. The app looks much better in landscape mode on larger devices such as iPhone 6 plus, which has more screen real estate to offer.

There are no options to configure for MusicRotate and you can download it from Cydia for free.

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