New Cydia Tweaks: AMP, ClassicFolders 2, Lace And More

Its that time of the week again, when we pick the best new hacks released during the past few days and list them for you. Today’s tweak roundup is no different with iOS 10 compatible tweaks that spice up the iOS experience for the users. Read on to learn about AMP, ClassicFolders, Pigeon, IconCert, PresentPage, ViewDockOnTodayView and YTResume.

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Do you always find yourself accessing the Control Center’s music widget more than its first page? If yes, then you are going to like the AMP or Always Music Page from Cydia. This tweak makes it possible for users to make the music widget page as the default first page for Control Center on their device when the music is playing. The tweak is disabled when there’s no music playing in the background. You can download AMP tweak from Cydia for free.

ClassicFolders 2

Remember the ClassicFolders tweak? If you liked that hack, then you would be interested to know that ClassicFolders 2, which is the updated version with full support for iOS 10 has been released. With this tweak you can get the look of iOS 6 folders on your iOS 10 powered device. ClassicFolders tweak offers a number of different looks including macOS Mavericks theme, iOS 4 theme, iOS 6 theme and more. ClassicFolders 2 is available in Cydia for $1.99.


This tweak updates app icons when user clears a notification from the notification center. You can download Pigeon tweak for free from Cydia.


If you are using the Yalu jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad, then you will find the IconCert tweak very helpful. With this tweak installed you will see the time that is remaining for the jailbreak certificate to expire. The time is shown on the yalu/mach_portal app icon. This makes it easier for user to keep track of the certificate expiry and renew accordingly. You can download IconCert tweak from Cydai for free.


Lace tweak focuses on the Notification Center, giving users more control over its different aspects. With Lace you can hide the search bar, access today view or notifications page based on which side of the status bar user swipes down from, choose to make the notifications page default when there are pending notifications and more. Lace is available in Cydia for free.


With PresentPage you can choose default page for the Control Center. So if you selected the Music widget page as your default, every time you access the Control Center you will see this page. PresentPage is available in Cydia for free.


You can see and access the springboard dock from all pages of the homescreen but what if you want to gain access to it from the Today View/Spotlight screen, too? ViewDockOnTodayView tweak is here to help. With this tweak you can view the dock on the Today View screen, so when you swipe right to access the search page the four dock icons will stay visible. You can access the app icons and move them on the dock when this tweak is installed.


With the YTResume tweak you will be able to resume videos from where you left them. If you close the Youtube app when a video is being played, the next time you are in the app you will receive a notification asking if you want to resume the video from the same point or not. If you want to resume simply tap on the Resume button or hit cancel to dismiss. You can download YTResume from Cydia for free.

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