dodocool Foldable Magnetic Charging Dock For Apple Watch (Review)

There are plenty of Apple Watch charging docks and stands out there, which make it possible for users to charge their devices in a much better way than is possible with the charging cable that comes with the device. However the biggest problem with most of the charging docks, even the expensive ones is that they do not include the magnetic charging puck, and require the Apple Watch cable to be placed in them in order to work.

The dodocool Foldable Magnetic Apple Watch charging dock is an inexpensive option for users looking for a good charging dock for their Watch. The biggest advantage of this dock that has MFi certification from Apple is that it has the magnetic charging puck built-in, so instead of putting your cable inside the dock you can double on the chargers available at your disposal. The dock itself is quite nice with its small and sturdy design and simple looks.

dodocool’s Apple Watch charging dock works with both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. Since you simply have to place the Watch onto the dock for it to start recharging you don’t have to worry about placing it rightly. The magnetic puck holds the Watch in its place even when you raise the magnetic charging area, which can be raised and adjusted up to 45º.

The dock also supports the Nightstand feature of the Watch, which displays time, upcoming alarm and other information to the user while it is charging on the bedside. To take advantage of the Nightstand feature make sure your Apple Watch is placed sideways and the side with digital crown is facing upwards.

The dock is made up of premium PC materials and has a smooth, non-slip surface. This is to make sure the dock does not damage the Watch or its bands. Perhaps the best thing about this particular dock is that it is small in size, so it does not take much space when placed on the work desk or side table. This also makes it ideal for users to take it with them on the go.

dodocool charging dock for Apple Watch does not come with a charging plug however it connects to power with its USB-A connector. This means you can not only use the dock with any USB charger including the one that came with your iPhone, but also any computer, laptop or an external battery pack. It has a 3ft cable, which is sufficient for most uses. The dock comes with modest packaging in which you will find the dock itself and a manual.

Overall I was very satisfied with this affordable charging stand for Apple Watch, however the only complain I have with it is the placement of the charging cable on to the dock. The charging cable attaches with the dock body from the right side, which can make placing the dock difficult in many places. The ideal position in my opinion would be if the cable attaches on the back of the dock, which will also make it less visible when the Watch is sitting on the dock.

You can buy the dodocool Foldable Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch from Amazon, where it is available for $24.99.

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