New Cydia Tweaks: LS Contact, Dock Indicators And More

We are back with yet another iOS jailbreak tweaks roundup. Today’s post consists of some of the great releases of the past few weeks that you can instantly download on your jailbroken device.

Read on to learn more about LS Contact, Dock Indicators, CCPreferences Pro, Kangaroo and NoTubeADS. You will learn what these awesome new tweaks do, their prices and how you can download them on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

LS Contact Tweak: Add favorite contacts widget to Lock Screen

LS Contact Tweak

LS Contacts tweak is my favorite tweak in today’s roundup. This tweak gives users the option to add their favorite contacts right on their lock screen and Notification Center. The best thing about this tweak is that it does not limit users to 4 or 5 contacts as it adds a horizontally scrolling bar that can house multiple contacts.

You can simply tap on any contact’s photo or Memoji to call them or long press on them to either send them a message using Messages, WhatsApp or email. You can choose which app you want to use.

The tweak comes with a bunch of customization options that make it fun to use. You can download LS Contacts tweak from Packix repo for $1.49.

Dock Indicators Tweak: Add macOS like running indicators beneath dock icons

Dock Indicators tweak shows an indicator on the iPhone dock right below the app to indicate if that app is running in the background. Similar to macOS dock the indicator will be displayed beneath the app’s icon. Users get the option to customize the look of the indicator and choose between back, dot, rounded and more options.

The indicator is also shown in the color that matches the app icon’s dominant color. Users will also see animations when a new notification arrives for an app in the dock.

You can download Dock Indicators tweak from the Packix repo where it is available as a free download.

CCPreferences Pro Tweak: Add Settings app toggle to Control Center

CCPreferences Pro Tweak

CCPreferences Pro tweak for jailbroken devices allows users to add dedicated module for Settings app on the Control Center. By tapping on this module users can quicklhy launch stock settings and access areas like Home/Last section, Battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Privacy, Sounds and Haptic feedback and more. You can also configure the tweak to launch Yobun Pro.

CCPreferences Pro tweak is available on Packix repo for $1.49.

Kangaroo Tweak: Add fun feature to Kik Messenger

Dock Indicators Tweak

Kangaroo tweak is designed to give Kik Messenger users more control over the app. With this hack you get options like ability to Spoof Images, which when enabled will send images from your gallery as Camera. This feature also marks all media in chats as Camera.

Users can also use Kangaroo tweak to disable typing indicator, disable marking messages, enable auto loop for playing videos in a loop and add Face ID/Touch ID protection to their Kik Messenger account.

NoTubeADS Tweak: Block YouTube advertisements

Annoyed by YouTube app playing double advertisements before the video has started? Or constant interruptions when watching a long video? Install the NoTubeADS tweak from Cydia. This tweak blocks YouTube advertisements on the iPhone and iPad app, giving you a premium experience without paying for YouTube Premium. You can download NoTubeADS tweak from CydiaGeek Repo ( where it is available for free.

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