New iOS 13 Tweaks: Aurore, Tabsa13, Altilium And More

New Cydia tweaks

New iOS 13 Tweaks

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then we have a range of newly released Cydia tweaks that you cannot miss right now. Using these tweaks you change a lot about your device such as changing the alarm sound, bring iPadOS Safari features to iPhone, getting custom low battery notifications and more.

Read on to learn about the newly released Aurore, Tabsa13, Altilium, Hazmat and NotiPing tweaks.

Aurore Tweak: Set Music As Alarm Sound

Aurore tweak

Got bored of the annoying alarm sound and want to spice up the waking up experience for yourself? Then install the Aurore tweak from Cydia or your preferred package manager. This tweak lets you replace the default alarm sounds with the music of your choice. With Aurore tweak you can set music from Spotify and Apple Music as your alarm tone.

For Spotify you can select any track, playlist or album as your alarm sound. While for Apple Music you get to choose any playlist and radio stations. Aurore is fully integrated with the default Clock app and lets you select customized snooze countdown, volume fades, show weather report at the end and more.

You can download the Aurore tweak from the Twickd repo for $1.99.

Tabsa13 Tweak: Bring iPad Like Tab Switching To iPhone

Tabsa13 tweak

Tabsa13 tweak for iOS 13 brings one of the most useful features of iPadOS and macOS Safari to iPhone. Yes, you guessed it right, this tweak adds the tabs switching interface found on desktop class Safari to the iPhone, giving your the ability to switch between various opened tabs without having to access the tab switcher screen first. You can download the Tabsa13 tweak for iPhone from the BigBoss repo where it is available for free.

Altilium Tweak: Get Custom Low Battery Notifications

Altilium tweak

With the Altilium tweak you can get a low battery notification when your device reaches 5 percent battery left. This tweak gives you a notification when your device’s battery reaches 5 percent in addition to the normal 10 and 20 percent battery levels. If you want to get a notification at any other percentage, then you can also configure the tweak to do so.

With Altilium you can also add custom alert text, which will be displayed on the notification. Altilium tweak is available under the Packix repo as a free download.

Hazmat Tweak: Add Funky Masks To Music Artwork

Hazmat tweak

Hazmat tweak lets you add masks to the Apple Music cover art, giving the now playing screen a unique look. In addition to the now playing screen Hazmat also changes the artwork’s look on music widget, which looks neat. You can download Hazmat tweak from the Packix repo for free.

NotiPing Tweak: Get Notified If Your Server Goes Down

Notiping tweak

With NotiPing tweak you cna add any server details to your iPhone and get a notification as soon as the server goes down. NotiPing sends pings to the server to see if it is running without any problems. As soon as a ping becomes unsuccessful it sends a notification on the iPhone alerting that the server has gone down. From its settings, you can enter the IP address of a server that you want to monitor and add a delay after which the alert should be sent.

NotiPing tweak is available under the Packix repo for free.

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